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Cameroon:traffic restored on Wum-Bamenda road after two-week blocade

Traffic has been restored along the Wum-Bamenda road in the North West region of Cameroon after several weeks of blocade, sources have confirmed.

Wum had been in a lockdown after unidentified armed men blocked the main road leading into the town with heavy logs of wood and trees making it difficult for vehicles to transport passengers into and out of the town.

However, sources say the military stepped in on Thursday to clear the road as the pieced off the trees and restored circulation along the road.

For over two weeks, residents had been trapped in the locality as security forces battled armed men in villages around Wum-which has been home to several displaced persons from neighbouring villages that hve been ravaged by the fighting like Zhoa.

A resident who finally left Wum on Friday to Bamenda they have been without electricity for the past weeks while churches are flooded with internally displaced persons.


Published on 28.04.2020

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