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Cameroon:transport prices skyrocket as clashes intensify on Buea-Kumba road

Vehicles stranded along the Muyuka-Kumba highway (c)All rights reserved

Transportation prices along the Buea-Kumba corridor of the road in the South West region have doubled in the past days due to difficulties involved in plying the road as soldiers and separatists fighters continue to battle along the road, sources have said.

Travelling along from Kumba to Buea which costs 1500FCFA has now moved up to 5.000FCFA while the fare from Kumba to Douala has moved up from 2.000FCFA to 7.000FCFA, sources have confirmed.

Movement along the road has been made difficult by regular clashe between security forces and separatists and Tuesday December 12 was not an exception.

Buses loaded with passengers that had taken off as early as Six O’ clock in the morning were stranded at both ends of the road as the gun battles raged on.

At the Mile 17 motor park in Buea as well asin Kumba, passengers were stranded with aa lack of buses to transport  and news of renewed fighting along the stretch of the road discouraged many drivers.

A driver plyng the road said he had witnessed scary scenes in several of his travels and would not want to encounter such dangers, preferring to stay home until the situation is under control.

As the battle between security forces and separatist fighters continue to rage on, the population holds its breathe as they suffocating with the economic hardship brought about by the violence.


Published on 28.04.2020

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