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Cameroon:Two persons killed for voting in Kumba

At least two persons have been killed in Kumba South West Region of Cameroon by armed men for voting at Sunday’s Presidential election, sources have confirmed.

One of the victims, Ngoh Gilbert, was dragged out of his house on October 10 around Barombi Kang, a neighbourhood in Kumba before he was brutally murdered, residents said.

The corpse of another resident Emmanuel Akateh was equally found in Kumba on the same day allegedly killed for voting, residents said.

Residents  say voters’ turn out at Sunday’s Presidential election was low after threats from armed men around the locality warning them against voting.  All those who dared to vote were considered as”traitors who will be dealt with accordingly,” the separatists had earlier said in a warning.



Published on 28.04.2020

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