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Cameroon:Weather report hints at damaging dust, winds

The meteorological service of the Ministry of Transport has warned of rising temperatures and an avalanche of dust that could sweep across the country in the days ahead.

The dust transported by the harmattan winds from Chad has already reached Cameroon through the Logone and Chari in the Far North and could make inroads to the North and Adamawa regions in the days ahead, the weather observatory department said.

“This phenomenon coupled with moderate winds can considerably reduce vision and expose persons to diseases and other respiratory pathologies,” the report warned.

Consequently, the Ministry of Transport has advised the population to reduce movements as well as putting on face masks to avoid inhaling dust.

In the latest numerical weather forecast bulletin issued on February 20, the Ministry of Transport if predicting more dry and cold winds with damaging effects.

“More of the national territory is dominated by dry and cold winds, associated with haze. In addition, less intense dust is likely to persist in the Northern zone and will invade parts of the Centre and Western Highlands. All these phenomena expose people to respiratory diseases and other pathologies,” the report warns.

Published on 10.02.2021

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