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Cameroon:Yaounde City Council sets up giant fan zone for CHAN 2020

As the sun gradually set on the esplanade of the Yaounde City Council which has been gradually transformed into a stadium-like fan zone, some Yaounde city dwellers, stop by to feed their eyes and get a feel of the place.

Access to the site is only possible after two thorough checks from at the gate from a mixed team of police and gendarmes while forces of law and order are stationed at every major corner of the fan zone.

In at the esplanade, two giant screens have been erected to broadcast live matches while a gantry-supported stand that can accommodate about 200 persons is well erected for fans and spectators who come in to watch their teams.

Opposite the stands is erected another stage where various artistes will be mounting throughout this competition to entertain the supporters.

Around the esplanade are erected several stands where traders are exhibiting their products to the population gathered to watch matches.

Here, there is a keen attention on “Made In Cameroon” products like Evelyne, who is displaying locally-made cosmetic products.

“We are presenting natural products to the public like perfumes, lotions and soap. They are all locally made and have no skin effects,” she said.

However, one striking feature is a special corner dedicated for cultural exhibitions at the fan zone. The cultural aspects at the various stand in this corner vary from the food to the dressing and even musical instruments.

“We are in a traditional stand here where we valourise the Beti culture. We are representing the various villages of the Centre and South Regions that is why you see these dishes like the ‘kanga’, or ‘kok’ and we selling a plate of food here at a relatively low price,” said Elmine, another lady in one the stands.

On the other side of the stands, there are equally persons from the various geographical locations of Cameroon exhibiting products as they hope to catch the attention of supporters and fans. The fan zone is not only an avenue to watch football but equally to bring together the various cultures.

Published on 10.02.2021

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