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Camrail train comes under ‘attack’ in East Cameroon

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 A train from Cameroon’s railway company CAMRAIL was Thursday “attacked” in Goyoum, a locality in the Eastern Region .

According to reports, the train’s journey was disturbed, shortly after leaving Goyoum station, as it was heading to Belabo its next stop, when passengers woke up to sudden crash of shot in one of the windows.
“We did not understand what happened,” one of the passenger said, but seeing the two holes from the attack, some said it was probably caused by a stone. Another explains that was the only noise they identified. “There were no more and we heard no detonation,” he adds.
Other witnesses report that the passenger beside the window, through which the projectile entered, was saved only because he was sleeping, lying on his seat.

Security officials in the East Region, have however, ruled out the possibility of a planned attack. A source contacted explains: “There was only one projectile, probably a bullet judging by the impacts on both sides. so we cannot conclude that it was a planned attack. The most likely hypothesis is that of a lost bullet of a hunter. You know, people here hunt with weapon of war at night.


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