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Canal 2 talkshow suspended for debating Anglophone crisis

Divine Ntaryike

ToughTalk, a widely-watched program on Canal 2 International (English) has been suspended. Though an official statement has not emerged from the management explaining the reasons for taking the program off air, reports say the administration of the Douala-based TV station was acting under pressure from government.

Lately ToughTalk, hosted by award-winning journalist, Divine Ntaryike, hosted guests who were apparently perceived by state officials to be too vocal about the on-going crisis in Anglophone regions of Cameroon.

Solomon Amabo, Cameroonian blogger, reported earlier today that Issa Tchiroma, Minister of Communication and Laurent Esso, Minister of Justice cowed the media organ into suspending the program.

Going by the blogger, government had requested the program host and panelists to speak in favour of government. He also reported the ministers had instructed them to tilt their debates in favour of school resumption to the displeasure of Anglophone protesters.

The host of the program, Divine Ntaryike and co-panelists, Henry Kejang  and Elie Smith are reported to have stood their grounds on balance reporting and presentation of facts and truth.

Since the start of the Southern Cameroons crisis, in October 2016, at least five English-speaking journalists have been detained while many others are suffering the same fate in Bamenda in the North West region. Calls for the release for journalists arrested have so far fallen on deaf ears. The repression by Cameroon government on the media has caused some media practitioners to flee arrest or resort to self-censorship.


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