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Cameroonians Consume Locally Produced Bread Admist Price Hike of Wheat Flour.

Bread made of cassava flour

For some days now, cassava, potato or maize bread has been attracting many consumers, even if the cost remains high, at 500 francs per 250g baguette.

Images of bread sticks made from local flours in a local bakery have been making the rounds on social networks since 4 April. The internet users did not limit themselves to sharing them, they went to see closely, but especially to taste.

This morning, the baskets were empty. But the owner of this chain of shops located in Etoa-Meki, Poste Centrale and Essos in Yaounde reassures.

The stock is running out at a remarkable speed but the production is not suffering from anything. He says that the bakers are working hard and that by noon, there will be plenty of bread. Indeed, at the time indicated, the consumers are served. For many, on order.

This bakery is obviously the first to start making bread from local flours. According to Sotiris Chilas, the bakery’s manager, the idea was born a few months ago and finally came to fruition after a lot of thought and research.

He produces 250 gram baguettes made from cassava, potatoes and corn. The price is 500 francs. Long before that, arrangements were made to have a 100% organic product.

For this, local flour alone is not enough, even if it is well processed, gluten-free flour must be added.

“We combined 70% local flour, 15% to 20% gluten-free organic flour and the rest of the ingredients,” explains the producer. And it is this mixture that gives the bread its “delicious” taste, as confirmed by the consumers.

Sotiris Chilas, enthusiastic, says he will not give up and is even thinking of making cakes, croissants and many other pastries in the near future if the costs are affordable.

Many of the customers he met say that this bread is even better than bread made with wheat flour only, even if it is expensive.    “As usual, local products are more expensive than imported ones. But it’s good that they’re being discovered,” says a consumer with a question mark

Source: CT

Published on 03.01.2023

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