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    • Wednesday 03 March
    • Cameroon: cancer patients express discontent over closure of radiotherapy unit

      - 14h10

      At least 20 cancer patients have gone on rampage in Douala, the stormed the Douala general hospital protesting against the closure of the radiotherapy unit since the 22 of February without any concrete explanation.

      According to reports, this closure prorogued the death of some patients who could not follow up their treatment due to this closure.

      The Centre which was temporally shut down due to the poor functioning of machines has led to Sevier incidence, these victims are expecting quick solutions to their plight.

    • Cameroon: cancer patients express discontent over closure of radiotherapy unit

      - 14h08

      At least 20 cancer patients have gone on rampage in Douala, the stormed the Douala general hospital protesting against the closure of the radiotherapy unit since the 22 of February without any concrete explanation.

      According to reports, this closure prorogued the death of some patients who could not follow up their treatment due to this closure.

      The Centre which was temporally shut down due to the poor functioning of machines has led to Sevier incidence, these victims are expecting quick solutions to their plight.

    • Tuesday 02 March
    • Cameroon: Six killed in fresh wave of violence in Nwa

      - 13h42

      At least six persons have being killed in a fresh wave of violence in Nwa, Donga Mantung Division, North West Region of Cameroon.

      They were killed following fighting between graziers and inhabitants as the farmer-grazier conflict intensifies in that part of the country.

      Several houses have been razed as well as a market while hundreds are said to have escaped to neighbouring Nigeria for safety.

    • Friday 19 February
    • Cameroon: Road accident kills 3, injures other in Maroua

      - 17h18

      Three persons have been crushed to death and others injured along the Maroua-kouserri high-way.

      According to reports, a heavy-duty truck heading to Kouseri lost control on the Mikiri hill, overturned, killing a lady, her seven-year old daughter and a passerby. Other persons were injured and rushed to Maroua regional hospital.

      Among the injured victims is equally the second child of the lady who lost her life.

    • Cameroon: Ten teachers test positive for Covid-19 in Douala

      - 17h14

      Ten teachers “Ecole Maternelle d’Application” in Bonamoussadi Douala 5 subdivision in the Littoral region have tested positive of the Covid-19.

      Reports say this nursery closed its doors for some times and the school administration have not given any explanation to parents.

      This has left parents in frustration and worried no authority has given reason for the closure of the school.

    • U-20 AFCON:Lions qualify for quarter-final

      - 17h10

      Cameroon have qualified for the quarter finals of the ongoing U-20 Africa Cup of Nations in Mauritania after defeating Uganda one nil on Wednesday February 17.

      The lone goal of the match was scored by Njang Sunday, to put Cameroon top of Group A with six points.

      They will play their last group match against Mozambique on February 20 before preparing harder for the quarter-final.

    • Cameroon: Local population launches war against separatist fighters in Fundong

      - 16h44

      Separatist fighters in Abuh village, Fundong subdivision in the North West of Cameroon have fled their camps with hostages.

      The fighters ran on Tuesday, February 16, following a manhunt to stop their atrocities in the area launched by the population.

      The people of Fundong, Boyo Division in the North West embarked on a journey to free hostages kidnapped and detained by Ambazonia separatist fighters in Abuh village.

    • Cameroon: Five suspected bandits under police custody in Nkongsamba

      - 16h31

      Five persons suspected of theft are under police custody in Nkongsamba in the Moungo Division, Littoral region of the country.

      They are accused of robbing homes, carrying away valuable items, including heavy sums of money.

      During their arrest by elements of the police, they had in their possession bottles of gas, TV sets, telephones, bikes and host of others.

    • Cameroon: Nine-year old child dies after consuming cassava

      - 16h27

      A nine- year old lost his life on Monday Febaury 15 after consuming cassava cooked by his father in Malende, a locality in Fako Division, South West region of Cameroon, reports say.

      This tragedy comes four days after a woman and her two daughters gave up the ghost after consuming rice and pork in Yaounde.

    • Cameroon: Preparations intensify for Mount Cameroon Race of Hope

      - 16h22

      The 26th edition of the Mount Cameroon Race of Hope has been scheduled for February 26 and 27 2021 in Buea, South West region of Cameroon.

      To that effect, a preparatory meeting for this year’s edition was held on Tuesday February 16 in Yaounde.

      Presided over by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education, Joseph Yerima, the various commissions were urged to get their acts ready ahead of the event.

      About 500 athletes from Cameroon and 11 other Countries are expected to take part at this year’s edition which holds under a special context marked by the COVID-19. Thus, to respect the barrier measures, organizers say there will be different points of departure this year.

    • Wednesday 17 February
    • Cameroon: separatist fighters kill military captain in Kumbo NW

      - 16h53

      Military captain Thiery Engbweis reported to have been killed by separatists fighters in Kumbo, North West region of the country.

      According to reports, he was part of the team that reported to carry out an operation which took another way round as they were ambushed by separatists fighters on their way back.


    • Cameroon: Contraband, illicit trade intercepted along the country’s borders

      - 16h51

      The Cameroons custom antifraud and smuggling unit Halcomi has recently intercepted 7 operations of smuggling, contraband and illicit trade in Cameroons borders.

      According to reports, customs fraud is on the rise is said to affect the state budget as over 250 billion cfa annually.

    • Cameroon: Foundation stone for president Biya monument laid in Sangmelima

      - 16h43

      The foundation stone of president Biya monument has been laid in Sangmelima, South region of Cameroon.

      According to reports, this monument represent an anniversary gift from the Sangmelima council, alongside the main street of the Dja and Lobo divisional headquarters rebaptised

      Paul BiyaBolevard.

      This 88th anniversary was marked by anecumenical service lead by the archbishop of Sangmelima, His Grace Christophe Zoa.

    • Cameroon: Six die, 32 injured in road accident in Ngaoundere

      - 13h26

      At least six persons are confirmed dead and 32 others seriously injured in a road accident in Ngoundere, Adamawa region.

      According to reports, the accident occurred on Monday, February  15 when a 60-seater bus had a bad overturned at the Mbe cliff located at 45Km away from Ngaoundere.

      The Governor of the Adamawa region, Kildadi Taguieke Boukar went to the scene to assert the fact and assures a proper follow-up of the victims.

    • Friday 12 February
    • Cameroon: Two students die in swimming competition in South region

      Cameroon News Agency - 17h40

      Two students of the Government High School Grand Batanga in the Ocean Division, South region of Cameroon are said to have died during a swimming contest organized by the school.

      The competition was organized in the sidelines of activities marking the 55th edition of the National Youth Day took place.

      During the contest, two of the students competing got drowned.

    • Cameroon: Three children from same family perish in fire incident in Dschang, West region

      - 15h19

      Three children from the same family are said to have lost their lives in a fire that consumed their home last night in Dschang, West region of Cameroon.

      Sources say the mother locked the children at home and went to attend a wake before the unfortunate situation happened while they were asleep.


    • Cameroon: Three die of food poisoning in Yaounde

      Cameroon tribune - 14h42

      A young mother and her two daughters are reported to have died of food poisoning in Yaounde, Centre region of Cameroon.

      The mother identified as Ernestine Mbarga aged 22 and her two daughters, Marie-Laure aged six and Esther aged 3 died Wednesday February 10 at the Nsam Escal neighbourhood in Yaounde after consumer rice and pork meat.

    • Cameroon: Japan offers FCFA 51M for inclusive education

      Cameroon tribune - 14h16

      The Japanese Government has offered a financial assistance of FCFA 51 million to the Lighthouse Association in Limbe for the construction of a storey building for the Mount Zion Nursery and Primary School in the South West region.

      The grant contract was signed last Tuesday February 9 in Yaounde.

    • Cameroon: UN-Habitat offers FCFA 2B to renovate social housing

      - 13h47

      UN-abitat has offered the sum of FCFA 2 billion to the government of Cameroon for the rehabilitation of social housing in Bornoua, Garoua, Cite Verte, Nlongkak and Messa in Yaounde.

      The disbursement was confirmed Tuesday February 9 by the sub-Secretary General of the United Nations.

      Most of these social housing buildings aged over 40years have lost their brightness and visibly cry out for renovation.



    • Cameroon: Regional Councils’ election in Mayo-Tsanaga cancelled

      - 13h29

      Results of the election of Regional councillors in the Mayo-Tsanaga Division, in Maroua, Far North region of Cameroon which took place last December the 6 have been cancelled by the Administrative Court in Maroua.

      The decision was passed out in the case opposing Spener Yawa to Elecam  and Gabai Flem David Last January 18, 2021.

      A person is said to have voted in the place of a deceased Municipal Councillor.

    • Wednesday 10 February
    • Cameroon: First contingent of Nigerian refugees en route to home country

      - 18h09

    • Cameroon: CONAC launches “If it’s not yours, don’t touch” youth sensitization campaign

      - 18h00

      The National Anti Corruption Committee, CONAC has launched a sensitization campaign directed towards youths dubbed “If it is not yours, don’t touch.

      The campaign was launched Tuesday February 8 by the President of the committee, Rev Dieudonne Massi Gams in Yoko, Mbam and Kim Division, Centre region of Cameroon.

      The campaign was launched in line with activities marking the 55th edition of the National Youth Day in Cameroon under the theme “Youth, resilience, challenges and opportunities in COVID-19 time”.

    • Cameroon:Japan to construct primary school in Tiko, SW region

      - 17h52

      The Japanese Government will sponsor the construction of a primary school in Tiko sub-division, South West region of Cameroon.

      This follows the signing of a partnership with the Government of Cameroon Monday February 8 at the residence of the Japanese Ambassador in Yaounde.

    • Cameroon: President Biya addresses youths this Wednesday evening

      - 12h31

      Cameroon’s Head of State Paul Biya will this Wednesday February 10 address his fellow youths in his traditional address at the eve of celebrations marking the national Youth Day.

      This year, Cameroon is celebrating the 55th National Youth Day under the theme “Youth, Resilience, Challenges and Opportunities in COVID-19 Time”.



    • Tuesday 09 February
    • Cameroon:The Guardian Post launches Sunday edition

      - 02h17

      Cameroon’s lone English-language daily, The Guardian Post Newspaper, has launched its first ever Sunday edition has the management of the paper says the move is to sacrifice the growing need of their readers across the country.

      The first issue of the Sunday edition of The Guardian Post Newspaper was available on Sunday, February 8 with light-hearted and societal issues, far from the heavy political content that characterises the paper during weekdays.

    • Cameroon: Journalist Peterkings Manyong passes away

      - 02h12

      Ace Cameroonian journalist and prolific writer, Peterkings Manyong passed away on Sunday, February 8 at the age of 57, sources have confirmed.

      Peterkings Manyong passed who had been in the hospital for the past weeks had a double amputation on one of his legs and was gradually recovering. His mortal remains have been deposited at the mortuary of the Bamenda Regional Hospital.


    • Cameroon: Buea fire incident leaves two persons dead

      - 02h07

      At least two persons have died following a fire incident that broke out on Sunday breaking Monday night in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon, sources have confirmed.

      An 89-year old woman and her seven-year old grand son were burnt to ashes after fire broke out in their house built with wood when they were sleeping. The cause of the fire is not known but neighbours suspect an electrical fault on a pole close to the house. Before neighbours could intervene, the fire had already consumed the house and killed the two occupants.

    • Cameroon:Youth Parliament opens today

      - 02h02

      The fourth edition of the Cameroon youth parliament opens today at the Yaounde Conference Centre and will be presided over by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Honourable Cavaye Yeguie Djibril.

      The parliament opens in prelude to celebrations marking the Youth Day which hold on February 11 though this year’s edition will be low key after government banned the regular march past parade to avoid the propagation of the COVID-19.

    • Cameroon:Fire razes stalls at Nkwen market in Bamenda

      - 01h51

      Several stalls at the Mile 4 Nkwen market in Bamenda, North West Region of Cameroon have been razed to ashes following a fire  outbreak late on Monday night.

      The fire broke out late after 10pm, conuming several shops before locals could rush to the scene to intevne while waiting for the firefighters who arrived to contain the fire from spreading to other nearby buildings.

      This is the latest fire incident in Bamenda after a double fire recently consumed dormitories at the Prebyterian Secondary School in Nkwen.

    • Monday 08 February
    • Cameroon: Sanctioned Yannick Ndjeng regrets indiscipline at CHAN semi-final game

      - 19h50

      A few days after his exclusion from the Intermediate Lions squad, Yannick Ndjeng regrets his
      poor behavior.
      An audio note from him circulated on social media notably on WhatsApp, giving explanations on what
      happened and apologizing to his team mates.

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