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    • Tuesday 30 May
    • 1,623 candidates take Baccalauréat exams in crisis regions

      - 11h29

      Slightly over 1, 623 candidates are currently siting in for this year’s Baccalaureat exams in Cameroon’s English speaking regions.

      The number of candidates taking this year’s exams in these regions came as a surprise to pundits who had dismissed the occurrence of any exams given that majority of students in the regions have not been effectively taught for months. The crisis rocking English speaking Cameroon had grounded socio-econimc activities leaving most schools closed for months.

      In the bid to ensure a hitch free exam period in the crisis stricken regions, the director of the Baccalaureat board is presently on a working visit in the regions. The examinations to run for two weeks involves candidates who are supposed to have undergone technical training in government, lay private or mission technical schools for at least six years for Probatoire and seven years for Baccalaureat Certificate. It is organised by the Cameroon Baccalaureate Board.

    • Monday 29 May
    • China suspends funding of Yaounde-Douala highway

      - 13h07

      Construction works on the Yaounde-Douala road network has been suspended.

      Media reports say the road contract is facing some financing constraints due to the suspension of funding by Eximbank China. The highway was estimated to cost of US$473.3 million including a 68km linking the two cities as well as an additional 23km of link roads. The contract suspension reports say is due to Cameroonian authorities’ option to increase the speed limit on the highway from 100km/h planned by the Chinese designers to 110km/h in line with French speed limits.


    • Friday 26 May
    • Norwegian consulate soon to go operational in Cameroon

      - 10h39

      The government of Cameroon has approved the opening of a Norwegian Consulate in Douala, official sources say.

      The action, reports say is aimed at intensifying economic cooperation between Cameroon and Norway. Cooperation between the two countries are said to be timid given that Norway does not feature on the list of Cameroon’s main partners. It is expected that the opening of the consulate in Cameroon’s economic town, Douala, will help facilitate the countries cooperation and diplomatic ties.

    • Wednesday 24 May
    • Amnesty International banned from organising press conference in Yaounde

      - 14h09

      Cameroon has barred Amnesty International, from organising a press conference in Yaoundé.

      The international rights group was banned without any written explanation, a tweet on its West Africa page read this morning.

      According to the group, they intended showing the worldwide support for Ivo Feh and his friends who have been jailed for sharing an SMS joke on boko haram.

      Since their arrest, more than 300,000 letters and petitions from people around the world have been sent to Cameroonian President Paul Biya calling on him to release them, but we were ban

    • Cameroon joins forces with Nigeria to combat piracy

      - 13h28

      Cameroon and Nigerian navy officials are said to have established a communication and collaboration strategy aimed at fighting piracy off the gulf of Guinea.

      The strategy permits each country’s navy to enter territorial waters of another in pursuits of pirates. It equally gives room for assistance between the two countries in the bid to cut piracy attacks in the area dramatically.


    • Tuesday 23 May
    • Cameroonians exhorted to quit smoking

      - 13h28

      Cameroonians have being urged to quit smoking in order to increase their life span.

      The call was made during health consultation campaign launched by the Cameroonian Coalition for Tobacco Control, C3T, as part of activities to mark this year World No Tobacco Day on May 31 to be commemorated under the theme; “Tobacco: A threat to development”.

      According to Caleb Ayong, Communication Officer of C3T, tobacco is a deadly product which kills half of all its consumers. He said many ignore the devastating effects of tobacco because they are not immediate. Caleb expressed the wish that by the end of the campaign, many smokers would have turned up for the free consultation and take necessary measures to get adequate treatment.

      Going by a statement signed by the President of the C3T, Dr Flore Ndembiyembe, sensitisation stickers will be distributed to inter-urban transporters on May 30 and a poster exhibition dubbed the shocking truth will be organised at the Cercle Municipale, Bonanjo in Douala on May 31.

    • 2017 Under 17 AFCON: Junior lions exit championship

      - 12h21

      Cameroon’s junior lions have been kicked out of the 2017 AFCON under -17 Championship taking place in Gabon.

      The Under-17 Indomitable Lions of Cameroon are back in the country after the early exit. The players who arrived Cameroon on May 22 expressed remorse over their poor performance.

      While in Gabon, the junior lions lost to Ghana 4-0, played a one all tie with Guinea and won Gabon 1-0. The lions humiliating exit out of the championship has sparked mad debate among football lovers. Many are of the opinion that the defeat is due to poor preparations given that the team only played five friendlies between October 2016 and May 2017.

      Semi-final matches of the competition have been scheduled for Wednesday May, 24. Ghana will clash with Niger while Mali against Guinea.

      Ghana defeated the host country Gabon to sail through to the semi-finals. The country has already qualified for the 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup in India.

    • Thursday 18 May
    • Six Catholics die in Bafoussam-Douala highway

      - 16h51

      Six Christians of the St Anthony of Padua Parish in Buea Town have died following a ghastly motor accident on Saturday May 13 along the Bafoussam Douala Highway.

      The Christians were said to be returning from Dschang, West Region after paying a condolence visit to one of theirs who lost a relative.

      Eyewitness accounts, say the driver lost control of the vehicle killing 6 passengers on the spot.

      Amongst them was the Vice President of the St Michelle Francophone Mission station of the Parish.

      Out of the eight passengers in the vehicle, only two survived.

      The driver sustained injury on the arm, and a second passenger whose condition is said to be stable, are currently receiving treatment.

      Meanwhile the bodies of the deceased have been taken to the Buea Regional Hospital Mortuary pending burial.

      The Parish Priest Rev.Father Kenneth Kingwui, saddened by the incident, said the departed christians constituted the core of the Parish.

    • Tuesday 16 May
    • Cameroon to host pan African project management conference

      - 15h38

      Cameroon will from the 24 to 26 May 2017 host the first edition of the pan African project management conference.

      The conference organised by prescriptor, a pan African investment and project management consultancy firm, in partnership with the ministry of posts and telecommunications, is aimed at closing Africa’s technological gap in project management at an accelerated pace, in line with the successful implementation of the Agenda 2063 of the African Union developed to achieve a Pan African and African renaissance vision.  

      According to Babissakana, CEO of Prescriptor, the conference will be placed under the theme speeding up Africa’s economic transformation through project management.  

      He said the best project management technologies, recognised at the international level, will be the topic of several exchanges, for interested parties on the African continent to acquire and master during the forum.

      Initially scheduled for November 2016, the pan African conference was pushed to May 2017, ‘due to various circumstances, and to ensure optimum performance.

    • Monday 15 May
    • Close aide says Kalkaba Malboum was betrayed

      - 16h03

      A close aide of Col Kalkaba Malboum, president of the national Olympic and sports committee has claimed the scandal witnessed last week during the elections of a president for the Association of National Olympic Committees, ANOC was the consequence of betrayal.

      The aide who spoke to L’Oeil du Sahel newspaper claimed that the person who provided evidence that showed Malboum was trying to corrupt his way to the summit of ANOC, did so in an attempt to get back at the personality who might have wronged him in the past.

      He said those who exposed the scheme which was supported by government, are jealous and failed to see that by sullying the image of the colonel, they also rubbed Cameroon in the mud.

    • Friday 12 May
    • Striking dockers blocks coffee, cocoa exports

      - 13h19

      Some Cameroonian dockers at the Douala port have blocked cocoa and coffee exports due to a coordinated strike action which began today.

      About 200 dock workers are striking over poor working conditions. Reports say all port activities are blocked and the dockers have equally blocked the entrance to the port making it difficult for anyone to get out of the port.

    • Thursday 11 May
    • President Biya commends Macron on his election

      - 11h46

      Paul Biya, Cameroon’s president has commended Emmanuel Macron following his election on May 7 as French President.

      “On the occasion of your brilliant election as President of the Republic of France, I have the great pleasure of presenting to you, in my own name and that of the Cameroonian people, my sincere and warm congratulations”, writes Mr. Biya, on 8 May 2017. He continues: “For many decades, France and Cameroon have had close and trustful relations in numerous areas. Forged by history and a long friendship that has never been denied, they can accomplish new progress”. Biya’s message partly reads.

      President Biya equally assured his young French colleague of his availability to work, with him, to maintain the friendship between the two countries and to open new horizons in their cooperation.

      Emmanuel Macron won Sunday’s election with 66.1% against 33.9%  for his opponent Marine Le Pen. He is the eighth and youngest president France has ever had.


    • Wednesday 10 May
    • African Development Bank to promote public/private partnership

      - 16h34

      The African Development Bank, ADB, has propelled a program aimed at promoting public/private partnership development program in Central Africa.

      While presenting the program on May 8 in Yaounde, Dr. Ousmane Dori, Director of the African Development Bank for Central Africa highlighted the importance of exploiting the bank’s public private partnership,PPP, model. He equally presented the banks numerous financial constraints, faced by African Government.

      During the forum, participants took turns to reflect on options which can help cover the cost of insufficient infrastructure such as roads, buildings and electricity.

      Phillippe Genoux a PPP Consultant, said the model will facilitate the financing of projects relieving governments from huge burden.

      According to him, the financial burden for most African countries destined for infrastructural projects will henceforth be borne by the public and private firm.

    • 30 year-old chops off mothers head over a plate of food

      - 11h52

      Ebango Riston a 30 year old man has murdered his mother over dispute on a plate of food.

      The incident which occurred May 9 at their Fiango residence in Kumba, South West region has kept many tongue still wagging.

      Reports say Ebango chopped off part of the neck of his mother after he was served food with cow skin popular called canda instead of meat. Fuming with anger, Ebango reportedly seized a machete and hit his mother’s neck several times leaving blood squirted all over the room, carpet, table, tablecloths and curtains. The sound of the incident had attracted neighbours into the house. Even though many claimed Ebango has psychology problem, his unstable nature did not spare him from the wrath of the furious crowd.  He was later rescued by the forces of law and order after he being seriously beaten. He is presently at the Buea central prison.

    • Tuesday 09 May
    • Cameroon shares senate experience with Ivory Coast

      - 17h14

      Cameroon’s five year old senate experience has become model for Alassane’s Ivory Coast.

      This as Jeannot Ahoussou Kouadio, Ivory Coast Minister of State in charge of Political Dialogue and Relations with Institutions is in Cameroon to learn the country’s senate experience.

      Jeannot Ahoussou Kouadio, who was received was received on May 8 by the president of Cameroon’s upper house of parliament, is in Cameroon to learn Cameroon’s democratic values in order to help build Ivory Coast’s senate.

      After speaking with Marcel Niat Njifenji, Cameroon’s senate president, Kouadia said the information gathered would help his country’s new chamber of parliament enormously.

      “We are going to work, deeply work. We are very delighted to be in Cameroon,” Ivory Coast voted in a referendum last year to create an upper chamber of parliament alongside the post of vice-president.

    • Police apprehend 6 thugs in Yaounde

      - 11h32

      Cameroonian police have apprehended a gang of six bandits specialised in assaulting people in taxis in Yaounde.

      The thugs, presently under judicial police custody, were arrested by Police of the Centre Region following an organised operation launched on April 24.

      Before their arrest, the

      Cameroon’s police force say they have been receiving endless complaints on frequent assault, theft and intimidation in taxis by armed bandits since February 2016. This led to their plan operation to get the thieves. The gang led by a certain Sambapot Romeo, was apprehended with some valuable items in a taxi-matriculated: CE348 IM, lady’s hand bags, 4 telephones and other valuable items.

      Sambapot Romeo confessed that their operations are organised every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 6:30 p.m. to10 p.m. with women as main target.

      He acknowledged that the gang assaults at least 96 women a week making away with 90,000 to 150,000 F CFA a day, coupled with jewelleries, laptops, Lady’s bags, and other valuable items.

      The 34 year old Sambapot Romeo revealed that he received support from judicial police officers.

      It was equally discovered that some members of the gang have been apprehended four times since 2016.

    • Monday 08 May
    • 4 die in Bamenda road crash

      - 15h55

      Four persons have lost their lives in a road accident between a truck and a taxi around Up Station in Bamenda, chief town of the North West region.

      The accident which occurred on Saturday May 6, happen when a truck belonging to SAJOCA, an institution situated in Mambu Bafut, collided with an oncoming taxi, leaving two persons dead on the spot while two later gave up the ghost in the hospital.

      Eye witness account say the truck was returning from Douala with goods and artefacts when it suddenly met the taxi which was running on same lane but on opposite directions. There are reports that the two drivers were avoiding potholes. Bamenda is reported to having a history of bad roads.


    • Windstorm blows off Yaoundé school rooftop

      - 11h13

      Some classrooms of the Lycee Leclerc high school in Yaoundé have been left roofless due heavy windstorm.

      The windstorm which occurred Saturday May 6 due heavy rains, blew off roofs of the building hosting first cycle of the institution.

      According to the principal of the institution, Mrs Tonga, the damages were enormous with an an outflow of water in the affected classrooms. She however said the students of the affected classrooms will be transferred to other blocks in order not to affect classes.

      Secondary Education minister, Jean Ernest Massena Ngale Bibehe, had equally descended on the site to evaluate the damages. He made a tour round the campus promising that a quick solution will be arrived at for things to return to normalcy.

    • Friday 05 May
    • Three men die in Makenene well

      - 08h27

      Inhabitants of the Makenee neighbourhood in the Mbam and Inoubou division of the Centre region are still in shock over the demise of three men who fell into a well.

      The men, Nyandja Dieudedort,41, T5agne Fanga,28 and Nana Merim,34, were cleaning a well after heavy down pour on May 4 when 34 year old Nana Merim suddenly fell into the well. All efforts made by the remaining two to save him failed. They later dived into the 10metres well but also got drowned.

      Even though many attach the demise to witchery, Joel Elanga Eteme, Divisional Officer of Makenene has today called for a crisis meeting to decipher the cause of the incident and raise awareness against future incidents.

    • Thursday 04 May
    • Yaounde host first-ever agri-tech fair

      - 10h19

      Henri Eyebe Ayissi, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, yesterday May 3 chaired a ceremony to open the first-ever agri-tech fair in Yaounde.

      The fair which began on May 3 will run till May 6, 2017 at the Yaounde national museum. The fair aimed at encouraging agricultural entrepreneurship in the country will showcase the work of Cameroon’s young agricultural entrepreneurs.

      Minister Henri Eyebe Ayissi during the opening ceremony called on young Cameroonians to use digital technology to catalyse the country’s agricultural sector. He also underlined the importance of agri-tech sector in boosting growth.

    • Gov’t to construct referral hospital in Bamenda

      - 09h41

      A university referral teaching hospital worth 15 Billion F CFA will soon be built in Bamenda in the next eighteen months.

      The foundation stone of the hospital was laid Wednesday May 3, by Andre Mama Fouda, public health minister. According to Minister Mama Fouda, the operation to construct a referral hospital in is government way of limiting movements of inhabitants of the North West who are forced to go to other regions in the country or abroad in search of health care. He added that the hospital will also be a training ground for university of Bamenda medical students.

      During a working session with North West regional authorities, the public health boss displayed images of what the modern hospital will look like. He said construction works of the Bamenda referral teaching hospital are being carried out by a Moroccan company and will cost 10 Billion F CFA for the building and 5 Billion F CFA for the equipments.

    • Thursday 27 April
    • Yaounde low cost housing project completed

      - 13h19

      Some 660 apartments have been constructed at the Olembe neighborhood in Yaounde.

      The low cost housing project was a government initiative to provide civil servants with minimum cost housing services. While visiting the 33 buildings and 20 apartments on April 25, Jean Claude Mbwencthou, Minister of Housing and Urban Development said the structure is ready for inauguration.

      He noted that the buildings executed within five years by Chinese architects have been equipped with solar street lamps even though water, electricity, and minor finishing are still pending.

      On the eventual occupants, the minister said priority will be given to civil servants. Minister Jean Claude Mbwencthou use the forum that the first fleet of 1,500 low cost houses will soon be inaugurated in six towns of the country.

    • France, Cameroon partner to support entrepreneurs

      - 11h17

      The French government, the national employment fund and the cocoa and coffee inter professional council, CICC has signed a partnership agreement to assist Cameroonian Entrepreneurs living in France.

      The agreement signed on April 26, will aid Cameroon entrepreneurs in France to receive immigration facilitation from the French board for immigration and integration.

      During the signing ceremony, Camille Moute a Bidias Director General of National Employment Fund noted that the convention will enable Cameroonians based in France to get a job back home and engage in micro enterprises. Meanwhile, Yves Abissi, Communication Officer for the Cocoa and Coffee Inter professional Council ICCC, said the convention will assist even compatriots who decide to settle back home to produce Cocoa and Coffee.

      For his part, the French Ambassador noted that the convention will reinforce cooperation ties between Cameroon and France, and boost cocoa and coffee production for those who are interested.

    • Wednesday 26 April
    • First French digital shop opens in Douala

      - 18h19

      FNAC, a famous French brand specialised in the sale of digital products and other books,  on April 26 opened its first shop in Douala, Cameroon.

      According to ITR news the shop is the first daily of the digital markets. The French brand is equally expected to open its doors in Congo.

      On its choice on the two African nations, FNAC administrators said Cameroon and Congo are two major francophone countries where the FNAC brand is recognised, appreciated and expected. Consumption is strongly increasing with a marked craving for technical and editorial products.

      The shop expected create job opportunities covers an area of 480 m2, located at the Kadji Square shopping mall in Douala. It will sell products as varied as books, records, DVDs, gaming, micro computers, telephones, connected devices, TV, games among others.


    • Tuesday 25 April
    • Cameroon no longer African top banana producer

      - 16h48

      Cameroon banana exports has dropped by 30.000 tons.

      According to statistics from the Association of Banana production of Cameroon, ASSOBACAM, banana producers in Cameroon exported 249,610 tons throughout 2016. The statistics reveal a decrease of nearly 30,000 tons compared to the 279,493 tons of bananas exported in 2015.
      The drop, relegates the country to 2nd place in Africa. Banana producers have blamed the declining trend to heavy rains which caused rivers to overflow, creating floods in 1,300 hectares of banana plantations.
      Côte d’Ivoire now tops the African chart following the arrival of two new companies more than a year ago, namely Société Ivoiro-Antillaise de Production Agricole (SIAPA) and Bananes Antilles-Côte d’Ivoire (BANACI). Ivorian banana production resumed its rising curve, reaching 280,000 tons according to statistics revealed by Commodafrica, beating Cameroon’s 30,000 tons.

    • Monday 24 April
    • UN thrilled with gov’ts internet reinstatement

      - 13h59

      François Louncény Fall, special representative of the United Nations secretary-general for Central Africa has said the UN is thrilled with President’ Biya’s decision to restore internet in English speaking Cameroon.

      Louncény Fall, said the move is in line with those recently announced by the government to address the demands of English-Speaking teachers and lawyers. He stated that the decision will go a long way to help reduce tension and to create conditions conducive for the resolution of the crisis in the two regions.

      The Head of UNOCA urge the Cameroon government to continue promoting appeasement and dialogue, and to take all other appropriate measures aimed at a speedy and lasting resolution of the crisis in order to strengthen unity, stability and prosperity in the country.

      Louncény Fall also use the occasion to express the wish for Cameroonians to maintain the spirit of patriotism and show restraint during this period, while avoiding the use of the Internet to incite hatred or violence.

    • Friday 21 April
    • Made in Cameroon cars soon to go operational

      - 16h03

      Cars bearing the trade mark Cameroon Auto, will soon be manufactured and assembled in the coastal town of kribi in the days ahead.

      The made in Cameroon vehicles’ project is the outcome of a partnership between the government of Cameroon and a Chinese car manufacturing company. If effective, Cameroon will become the first country in the central African sub region to assemble cars.
      According to official sources, the project is expected to create 6000 direct and indirect jobs and will be accessible to a wider public. Even though a similar convention signed with an Indian car manufacturer is yet to be materialised, Cameroonians are however very anxious about the Kribi project.  During an official launch of the project in yaounde on April 20, the car samples were presented.  It will be exhibited at a week long auto fair to take place at the multipurpose sports complex.

    • Thursday 20 April
    • Gov’t joins forces with hydro power company to boost electrical energy

      - 15h22

      Cameroon government has partnered with the Nachtigal Hydro Power Company to boost electricity supply in the country.

      The agreement signed between Basile Atangana Kouna, minister of water and energy resources,   and the general manager of the Nachtigal Hydro Power Company on April 20 is expected to provide 28 villages in the Centre Region with electrical energy

      According to the agreement Nachtigal Hydro Power Company will build a 420 megawatts dam over the River Sanaga with a 225 kv line for the transport of electrical energy over a distance of 50km. The project of the Nachtigal Amont Hydroelectric facility is situated 65 kilometres from yaounde

    • Lawsuit against catholic bishops suspended indefinitely

      - 09h35

      The Mezam High Court has suspended the lawsuit filed against Roman Catholic bishops and principals initially programmed at the Bamenda court of first Instance on April 21, 2017.

      According to a press release signed on Wednesday April 19, the court said given that the bishops need to bury their colleague, there shall be no court case. The release states that those who had cases against the bishops in this case, the ‘Consortium of Parents’ should consult the board to have updates when they will finally be heard.

      The ‘Consortium of Parents’ through their legal representative is demanding the sum of 150.000.000 FCFA as special and general damages for refusing to pay salaries of teachers in mission schools for several months, an offence contrary to and punishable under section 183(2) of the Penal Code, according to the plaintiffs. Other counts include release of communiqué which “propagated false information and puts national Unity in danger” among others.

    • Camair-Co to acquire new aircrafts

      - 09h04

      Cameroon Airlines Company, Camair-Co, on April 19 formalised a contract to acquire two new aircrafts.

      The aircrafts, boeing 737 and 700 will be obtain as part of government’s plan to revamp the activities of the company. The two new planes will equally help the national airline company meet up with the exigencies of its customers and also enable the growth of its fleet. The sales contract was sign by Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo’o, Cameroon’s minister of transport and a representative of the Aviation Capital Group.

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