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    • Tuesday 28 April
    • Cameroon: Biya’s anti-COVID-19 gifts to compatriots set to be distributed

      - 15h19

      The Head of State’s anti-COVID-19 package to the population of Cameroon has been dispatched to all ten regions of the country to be distributed to the population.

      The gifts were handed over to Administrative authorities by the Territorial Administrative Minister Paul Atanga Nki this Tuesday.

    • Monday 27 April
    • Cameroon: Man murders four-year old niece in West region

      - 20h35

      A man is reported to have murdered the four years old niece in the Noun Department, West region of Cameroon Sunday April 26, 2020.

      According to reports, he and his accomplice have been arrested.


    • Cameroon: Part of bakery goes up in flames in Douala

      - 20h30

      Part of the Saker bakery in Douala, Littoral region of Cameroon has been razed by fire.

      According to the reports, the fire broke out early Sunday April 26 at the tank supplying the ovens of the bakery.

      No human casualty was recorded but the fire consumed the ovens, the generator and a passenger vehicle.

    • Cameroon: Disciplinary sanctions to befall 8766 State employees

      - 16h34

      Disciplinary sanctions will reportedly befall some 8766 State employees for failing to comply with summons addressed them by the Minister of Public Service and administrative reform, Joseph Le as part of the litigation process carried out by the Ministry following the physical headcount of State personnel in Cameroon that led to the suspension of the salaries of the 8766 personnel.

      According to Minister Joseph Le, rehearse will be available to those who provide justifications for effectively being employed and present at work.


    • Cameroon: Limbe I Mayor passes away

      - 16h09

      The Mayor of the Limbe I Council, Ro-Danny Mbua Mokuko is no more.

      He passed away Saturday April 25 in Douala, Littoral region of Cameroon after a week of ilness.

      It is alleged that he succumbed to the deadly Coronavirus pandemic and had his mortal remains buried in the Bonanery Cemetery in Douala.

    • Cameroon: SDF finally reacts to findings on Ngarbuh massacre

      - 13h15

      The Social Democratic Front party has welcomed Government findings on the Ngarbuh killings last February 14, 2020.

      The party though insists amongst others on the fact that perpetrators of the killings must face justice, the creation of government backed self defense groups is not necessary and military solution to the crisis is not the way out.

    • Sunday 26 April
    • Cameroon’s COVID-19 cases move up to 1,621

      - 21h12

      Cameroon now has one thousand, six hundred and twenty-one confirmed Coronavirus cases including seven hundred and seventy-one active ones, twelve on oxygen and one hundred and eigten hospitalized.

      The new statistics were unveiled by the Minister f Public Health this Sunday afternoon.

    • Cameroon: 786 persons recover from Coronavirus

      - 20h26

      Cameroon’s COVID-19 recovery cases has rose to seven hundred and eighty-six as at this Sunday April 26, 2020.

      The statistics were communicated by the Minister of Public Health, Dr Malachie Manaouda this afternoon.

    • Friday 24 April
    • Cameroon: UNICEF donates 70.000 anti-COVID-19 kits to Douala authorities

      - 17h48

      UNICEF has donated 70.000 face masks, cans and other equipment for the fight against the Coronavirus this Friday in Douala, Littoral region of Cameroon.

      The items reports say were handed over to local authorities for distribution.

      As at this Friday April 24, Cameroon counts 1,430 COVID-19 cases with the Littoral region being the second hardest hit area after the Centre.


    • Cameroon commemorates World Malaria Day

      - 14h47

      Cameroon today joined the rest of the globe to commemorate the World Malaria Day amid a the ravaging Coronavirus pandemic.

      To mark the day in Cameroon, the Minister of Public Health, Dr Malachie Manaouda communicated on Government’s action against malaria coupled with the emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic.

    • Cameroonian doctor dies of Coronavirus in Gabon

      - 12h45

      Another Cameroonian living abroad has died due to Coronavirus.

      According to reports, Dr Tanguy De Dieu Tchantchou, living in Gabon died Thursday at the HIAA medical Centre where he was hospitalized since three weeks.

    • Cameroon: Muslim faithful begin fasting today

      - 11h19

      Muslim faithful in Cameroon begin observing the holy month of Ramadan this Friday April 24 amid a health crisis that compels the observance of social distancing at a time when socializing is most sacred to the servants of Allah.

      During this month-long period, Muslim faithful are expected to refrain from eating and drinking from sun rise to sun set, while intensifying prayers and good deeds around them.

    • Cameroon: North West region records second COVID-19 case

      - 11h15

      The Governor of the North West region of Cameroon, Adolphe Lele Lafrique has announced that the region has recorded its second Coronavirus case Thursday April 23.


    • Cameroon’s COVID-19 cases rise to 1,430

      - 10h23

      The Minister of Public Health has revealed that Cameroon’s Coronavirus cases have rose to one thousand, four hundred and thirty.

      The figures increased from 1334 to 1430 in a single night.

    • Thursday 23 April
    • COVID-19: Cameroon to repatriate 668 citizens stranded abroad

      - 18h19

      Cameroon will ensure the safe return of some six hundred and sixty-eight citizens stranded abroad due to the Coronavirus.

      This is one of the decisions that was announced today at the end of the weekly meeting of the Inter-Ministerial Monitoring-Evaluation Committee on the implementation of Government’s response strategy against the COVID-19 chaired by Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute through video conferencing.

      According to Joseph Dion Ngute, the Head of State has instructed the Government to repatriate these citizens with expenses covered by the State.

    • Cameroon’s COVID-19 cases move up to 1,334

      - 17h14

      Cameroon’s Coronavirus cases as at this Thusrday April 23 stands at one thousand, three hundred and thirty-four.

      the new statistics were revealed by the Minister of Public Health Dr Malachie Manaouda this Thursday afternoon during the weekly meeting of the committee to monitor Government’s response plan against the coronavirus chaired by te Prime Minister Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute.

    • Cameroon: About 668 persons recover from COVID-19

      - 15h15

      Some six hundred nad sixty-eight persons have recovered from the coronavirus pandemic in Cameroon.

      The information was revealed this Thursday by the Minister of Public Health, Dr Malachie Manaouda during an interministerial meeting of the committee to evaluate the evolution of the Coronavirus situation in Cameroon, led by the Prime Minister Head of Government, Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute.

    • Cameroon: Over 600 inmates freed in Douala following President Biya’s “pardon”

      MMI - 13h08

      According to reports, as of Wednesday April 22nd, 608 out of 770 prisoners were freed at the Douala central prison, following the commutation and remission of their sentences by Head of State Paul Biya of Cameroon.

    • Cameroon commemorates World Book Day today

      - 13h00

      Cameroon today joins the rest of the globe to commemorate the World Book and Copyright Day this Thursday April 23, 2020.

      It is an annual event organized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization to promote reading, publishing, and copyright.

    • Wednesday 22 April
    • Cameroon: President Biya cancels Labour, National Unity Days celebrations due to COVID-19

      - 20h46

      The Head of State Paul Biya has cancelled this year’s celebrations of the Labour Day and the National Unity Day due to the need to respect some barrier measures against the Coronavirus pandemic including social distancing.

    • Cameroon’s COVID-19 recoveries rise to 397

      - 20h12

      Cameroon has recorded sixty-six new COVID-19 recoveries this Wednesday evening.

      The information was announced by the Minister of Public Health Dr Malachie Manaouda at the end of today’s daily press briefing on the Coronavirus situation in Cameroon.

    • Cameroon: 30tons of non-biodegradable plastic bags seized in Adamawa region

      - 20h01

      Reports have it that 30tons of non-biodegradable plastic bags have been seized by customs officials in Ngaouyanga, a village in the Mbe localitiy, Adamawa region of Cameroon.

      The operation took place last April 16, 2020.

    • Cameroon: Fire ravages resident in Nkongsamba

      - 19h42

      A resident in the Ward 8 neighbourhood in Nkongsamba, in the Moungo Division of Cameroon reportedly went up in flames last night.

      According to sources, the incident happened in the absence of the home owner and was only prevented from spreading to other homes homes by neighbours.

      As at now, the cause of the fire is still unknown.

    • Cameroon/COVID-19: Quarter head of Mbengue City, Douala provides sanitary kits to population

      - 19h35

      The quarter head of Mbengue City in Douala, Littoral region of Cameroon has reportedly provided sanitary kits for his locality and called on his subjects to strictly observe hygienic measures to prevent ravaging coronavirus.

    • Cameroon: Firefighters put out fire from dump truck in Douala

      MMI - 19h27

      Firefighters have reportedly put out fire from a dump truck in the Besengue neighbourhood in Douala, Littoral region of Cameroon this Wednesday afternoon.

      Reports from the region say the firefighting unit disclosed it was a timely intervention which stopped the flames from spreading to other vehicles in the area.

    • Cameroon: Prof Eric Mathias Owona Nguini appointed vice rector of UYI

      - 18h09

      Prof Matjias Eric Owona Nguini has been appointed vive rector of the University of Yaounde I.

      The political analyst was appointed this Wednesday April 22 by Presidential decree.

    • Cameroon: President Biya appoints officials in State Universities

      - 17h48

      The Head of State Paul Biya has appointed a number of officials in State Universities in the country this Wednesday April 22, 2020.

    • Covid-19: Cameroon National Order of Doctors calls for respect of patients’ privacy

      MMI - 13h40

      The National Order of Doctors of Cameroon has raised concerns regarding the disclosure of patients’ health statuses in the COVID-19 outbreak.

      Condemning the non-respect of medical confidentiality by administrative authorities in a press release, the body says “respect for medical confidentiality is an inalienable right of the patient and must be preserved in all circumstances to avoid stigmatisation of the affected person, their family, their property”.

    • Tuesday 21 April
    • Ngarbuh massacre: Cameroon Gov’t admits soldiers killed civilians, deliberately produced false report

      - 19h54

      The commission of enquiry set up to investigate the massacre of civilians in the Ngarbuh-Ntumbaw, North West region of Cameroon has submitted its findings.

      The report indicates some military men took part in a reconnaissance operation which led to the dead of seven persons and the burning of houses after which the service men deliberately produced a false report of what had really happened.

      According to the commission’s findings, disciplinary proceedings are underway against the said military men.

    • Cameroon: Enquiry commission on Ngarbuh massacre submits finding

      - 19h29

      The commission of enquiry set up by the Head of State to investigate the killings that took place last February 14 in Ngarbuh-Ntumbaw, North West region of Cameroon has finally submitted its findings.

      According to the report, the Government acknowledges the involvement of some defence forces and announces the arrest of some soldiers.

      Besides that, the victims will be compensated.

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