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    • Friday 13 January
    • Chad Disqualified From The Uniffac Tournament Played In Cameroon

      CRTV National Station - 14h14

      CAF has pronounced the exclusion of Chad from the Uniffac tournament which is currently being played in Cameroon. The country has enlisted in its team Ousmane Diallo who according to the CAF magnetic resonance test is aged above 17 years.

    • Thursday 12 January
    • Cameroonian Born Fabrice Ondoa Nurses Hope in Europe - 14h22

      Fabrice Ondoa, 27 years old, comes from far away. The dark period when he was looking for a club is now an old memory.

      Since he arrived at FK Auda, he has managed to impose himself in the club to the point of becoming, for example, captain of the team.  Last season he played 30 games conceding 27 goals.And to reward him, the club has just extended his contract for another year.

    • Wednesday 04 January
    • Benedict XVI : Pope Of Records

      Cameroon Tribune - 16h07

      The 265th Pope of the Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church was an outstanding intellectual. He had 9 doctorates. He wrote over 160 books. He spoke, wrote, and read 10 languages ​​fluently including French, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and his native German. Benedict XVI, considered the greatest theologian of the 20th century and known as the Pope of faith, was named bishop and raised to the rank of archbishop on the same day.
      Three months later, he was created cardinal. Until this day, he was the only cardinal to have participated in three conclaves including August 1978, October 1978, and April 2005. Until December 31, 2022, he was the last living cardinal appointed by Paul VI, on June 27, 1977. He is also the only cardinal to have spent 24 years at the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Benedict XVI died on December 31, 2022. He is then 95 years and 259 days old. This makes him the longest-lived pope, although he resigned at the age of 85 years and 300 days.

    • Thursday 01 December
    • World Cup 2022 : Female Trio To Referee Male Match

      Cameroon Tribune - 09h49

      It will be the first time this happens. A women’s trio will be in charge tonight to referee a men’s match. This is the third group match in Group E of the Qatar 2022 World Cup which will oppose Germany to Costa Rica. The match will be led by the French Stéphanie Frappart. She will be assisted by Brazilian Neuza Back and Mexican Karen Diaz.

    • Monday 19 September
    • Queen Elizabeth’s death stirs South Africa’s colonial memories

      BBC Africa - 09h28

      Over the past week South Africa – a country with a unique and complex relationship with the British Crown – has reacted in a conspicuously muted fashion to the death of Queen Elizabeth. While some here are quietly mourning her and remembering, in particular, her unique friendship with Nelson Mandela, many others have chosen to focus, if at all, on the bitterly contested and enduring legacy of Britain’s empire.

    • Wednesday 17 August
    • WHO to get monkeypox tests for Africa, as new cases reported

      Al Jazeara - 14h48

      The World Health Organization (WHO) is in the process of procuring thousands of monkeypox tests for Africa but is not recommending mass vaccination at this stage, its Africa Director Matshidiso Moeti has said.

    • Tuesday 16 August
    • E. Guinean Bange Bank to get listed on the Bvmac, first bank to join E. Guinean Bange Bank to get listed on the Bvmac, first bank to join

      Business in Cameroon - 16h01

      Guinean Bange Bank is preparing its listing on the regional stock exchange Bvmac. Louis Banga, MD of the stock market, met on August 9 in this regard with a delegation led by Juan Pablo Obiang Bikie, the newcomer’s MD. The stakeholders discussed the listing process, the disclosure requirements for issuers of listed securities and the endowment mechanism of the African Development Bank for companies that decide to list on the Bvmac. Bange’s approach suggests that the bank is seeking to boost the volume of its activities. Last July 29, it increased its capital to CFA56 million from CFA20 million. It is also worth reminding that it has extended its network outside Equatorial Guinea with a subsidiary in Cameroon in 2021.

    • Friday 10 June
    • Gay Pride billboard pulled down in Ghana’s capital Accra

      Africanews - 16h10

      Agiant Billboard mounted in Ghana’s capital, Accra, to mark pride month, has been pulled down. This billdoard mounted over the first weekend of June  raised a lot od debates within Ghana media space with many proposing that it be pulled down.

    • Thursday 05 May
    • Mali’s Termination od defence deal with France

      Africanews - 10h16

      The European Union on Wednesday termed Mali’s decision to back out of defense agreements with France as “regrettable”.A spokesman for the EU’s commission for foreign affairs said the decision would weaken the fight against militants in the country.
      Bamako on Monday slammed what it called flagrant violations of its sovereignty by French troops.

    • Friday 29 April
    • Chad National Dialogue

      CT - 12h21

      Despite a delay at the pre-national dialogue in Doha,the technical committee in charge of organising the May  10th National Dialogue in N’Djamena is seriously at work. After submitting  all the documents, that will be the basis of discussiions during the dialogue and raising the required budget of 2.8 billion, it will be left on the committe to tackle the most crucial phase of the organization which is the repartition of the 1,500 delegates in such a way that no group is either left out or marginalsed.

    • Thursday 21 April
    • Italy signs gas deals with Angola in a bid to Boycott Russia

      Africanews - 11h38

      Italy on Wednesday penned a deal with Angola to ramp up gas supplies from the southern African country as it urgently scrambles to break away from Russian gas over the Ukraine war.
      A declaration of intent was signed to develop “new” natural gas ventures and to increase exports to Italy, a statement from the Italian foreign minister announced.

    • Netflix Experience a Slump

      BBC - 11h35

      Shares in Netflix have slumped by 35% after it revealed a sharp drop in subscribers and warned millions more are set to quit the streaming service.
      It wiped more than $50bn off the firm’s market value as experts warned it faced a struggle to get back on track.
      Netflix faces intense competition from streaming rivals, but was also hit after it raised prices and left Russia.

    • Tuesday 19 April
    • South Africa Declares state of Disaster

      Africanews - 09h38

      President Cyril Ramaphosa has declared a state of national disaster in South Africa. This comes a week after terrible floods left at least 443 people dead in the Durban area on the east coast
      The authorities expect hundreds of millions of euros in damage. A €63 million emergency fund has been released by the government after the region already suffered massive destruction in July during an unprecedented wave of rioting and looting.

    • Tuesday 15 June
    • ‘Diamond rush’ grips South African village after discovery of unidentified stones Story by Reuters

      France 24 - 18h05

      More than 1,000 fortune seekers on Monday flocked to the village of KwaHlathi in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province in search of what they believed to be diamonds after a discovery of unidentified stones in the area.

      The people traveled from across South Africa to join villagers who have been digging since Saturday, after a herd man who dug up the first stone on an open field, which some believe to be quartz crystals, put out the word.
      The discovery was a life changer, said one digger Mendo Sabelo as he held a handful of tiny stones.

    • Tuesday 09 February
    • ‘Can’t stay quiet’: Thailand’s Myanmar migrants rise up against coup back home

      France 24 - 14h33

      Organising protests, gathering supporters and distributing posters of their beloved leader Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar workers in Thailand are adding to a chorus of dissent against a coup that has upended their home country.

      Thailand’s economy is reliant on millions of low-wage labourers — mostly from neighbouring Myanmar — who largely toil behind the scenes to keep the kingdom’s industries humming.

      They live a precarious existence and largely distrust Thai authorities, due to widespread discrimination and frequent crackdowns against illegal workers, and usually keep to themselves.

    • Tuesday 19 January
    • ‘Arson’ destroys four UNICEF schools in Rohingya camps

      France 24 - 11h28

      Four UNICEF schools for Rohingya children in refugee camps in Bangladesh have been destroyed in a fire, officials said Tuesday, with the UN children’s agency calling it arson.

      It was unclear who might attack the schools, which were empty at the time, but the security situation in the camps housing around a million people has worsened in recent months.

    • Monday 18 January
    • ‘Buried by strangers’: funeral curbs raise ire in Zimbabwe

      France 24 - 16h29

      Only a handful of sobbing relatives huddle together, heads lowered in sorrow, as cemetery workers in hazmat suits hastily shovel dirt over a coffin in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare.

      Fifteen minutes later the family must leave the cemetery. To minimise coronavirus risks, none of the usual funeral rites are permitted, not even a brief eulogy.

      Zimbabwe imposed new restrictions on funerals this month following a rise in Covid-19 cases.

    • Tuesday 08 December
    • ‘An art, a sport, a culture’: Breakdancing to make Olympic debut

      France 24 - 18h49

      Breaking, also known as breakdancing, is coming to the Olympics after it was officially added to the Paris 2024 schedule on Monday. For breakdancers around the world, the announcement is deserved recognition for what is not only a popular sport around the world but also a culture and art form.

      “It made me extremely happy, especially for the people who paved the way for my generation,” 17-year-old American breakdancer Logan Edra, also known as Logistx, told Reuters.

      “Honestly, I don’t think there’s a week that I haven’t thought about the Olympics for the past year.”

    • Friday 09 October
    • ‘Diplomatic wheels in motion’ as Armenia, Azerbaijan meet in Moscow

      France 24 - 18h33

      Russia said Friday that Armenia and Azerbaijan had agreed to meet in Moscow for negotiations on ending the fighting over Nagorno-Karabakh, after President Vladimir Putin called for talks. FRANCE 24 senior reporter Catherine Norris-Trent, in Baku, says the diplomatic wheels are in motion, with a temporary truce potentially on the cards.

    • Wednesday 09 September
    • ‘Devastation’: Wildfires ravage western United States

      France 24 - 18h59

      “Unprecedented” wildfires fueled by strong winds and searing temperatures were raging cross a wide swathe of California, Oregon and Washington on Wednesday, destroying scores of homes and businesses in the western US states and forcing tens of thousands of residents to evacuate.

      In California, where at least eight deaths have been reported, National Guard helicopters rescued hundreds of people trapped by the Creek Fire in the Sierra National Forest.

    • Wednesday 02 September
    • ‘Banksy boat’ migrants board quarantine ship off Italy

      France 24 - 16h28

      More than 350 migrants including those rescued by a vessel sponsored by British street artist Banksy were being transferred onto a quarantine vessel off Sicily, aid workers said Wednesday.

      “The first people have boarded the quarantine vessel and the operation is ongoing,” Mattea Weihe, spokeswoman for the Sea-Watch humanitarian organisation told AFP.

      The 353 migrants on board Sea-Watch 4 include those rescued last week by Louise Michel, a 30-metre boat sponsored by the mysterious artist.

    • Wednesday 26 August
    • ‘Butcher of Bosnia’ personally led Srebrenica massacre, prosecutors say

      France 24 - 12h23

      Prosecutors urged UN judges on Wednesday to uphold former Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic’s genocide conviction, saying he personally oversaw the 1995 Srebrenica massacre of some 8,000 Muslim men and boys.

      Mladic, 78, is appealing against his 2017 conviction and life sentence by a tribunal in The Hague for genocide over the massacre and for crimes against humanity and war crimes throughout the 1992-95 Bosnian war.

    • Tuesday 25 August
    • ‘Butcher of Bosnia’ Ratko Mladic appeals genocide conviction at The Hague

      France 24 - 14h41

      Former Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic was in court at The Hague on Tuesday to appeal his 2017 genocide conviction for atrocities his forces committed during the Bosnian war, including the murders of 8,000 Muslim men and boys at Srebrenica. Lawyers for Mladic argued that he was not fit to face trial.

    • Friday 24 July
    • ‘All lives matter’ say brothers-in-arms Richards and Botham

      France 24 - 12h05

      Almost half a century on from when cricket legends Ian Botham and Viv Richards made their county debut for Somerset their bond is as strong as ever, they explained in media interviews on Friday.

      England all-rounder Botham, 64, earned the respect and eternal friendship of 68-year-old West Indies batsman Richards for never turning his back on him even when the Englishman received hate mail during the halcyon days at the county.

    • Thursday 09 July
    • ‘Consensus’ on recreating Notre Dame spire: minister

      France 24 - 17h46

      There is a “large consensus” that the spire of the fire-damaged Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris should be rebuilt to resemble its former self, France’s culture minister said Thursday, as a panel prepared to make a definitive decision.

      French President Emmanuel Macron has argued for a “contemporary” touch in replacing the 19th-century spire which collapsed into the nave of the church in April last year.

    • ‘Consensus’ that Notre-Dame spire should be rebuilt in original form

      France 24 - 14h50

      France’s incoming culture minister says there is a “large consensus” that the spire of Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris should be rebuilt as it was before last year’s devastating fire.

      Roselyne Bachelot told French radio on Thursday that “there was a large consensus in public opinion and among those deciding” the issue for the spire to be rebuilt.

      Her comments came hours before a commission that is set to rule on the thorny question was due to meet.

    • Wednesday 01 July
    • ‘Dozens killed’ as violence spreads in wake of Ethiopian singer’s death

      France 24 - 17h55

      At least 50 people were killed in Ethiopia’s Oromiya region in protests following the fatal shooting of protest singer Haacaaluu Hundeessaa, a regional spokesman said on Wednesday, laying bare splits in the prime minister’s political heartland ahead of next year’s polls.

    • Friday 26 June
    • ‘Ayouni’, the documentary film that puts a face to Syria’s forcibly disappeared

      France 24 - 18h26

      Award-winning Palestinian director Yasmin Fedda’s latest documentary, “Ayouni”, sheds light on Syria’s forced disappearances through the intimate stories of Noura, widow of cyber-activist Bassel Safadi, and Machi, sister of Italian priest Paolo Dall’Oglio, who was abducted in Raqqa in 2013 and whose whereabouts are unknown.

    • Tuesday 07 April
    • ‘All Rise’ episode to be shot remotely to reflect virus realities

      France 24 - 13h58

      An episode of the CBS courtroom drama “All Rise” will be filmed remotely to reflect real-life restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic, with each actor performing from home.

      In a first for a US television series, the virtual production will use apps such as Zoom, FaceTime and WebEx, CBS said Monday.

      Once the sequences for each actor have been shot, the production team will use special effects to change the background.

    • Tuesday 03 December
    • ‘Children are innocent’: Albanians beg for return of IS youngsters

      France 24 - 11h33

      After media interest helped mobilise the evacuation of an Albanian boy from northern Syria last month, families of other children of Islamic State fighters are pleading with Tirana to redouble its efforts and bring the rest home.

      Alvin Berisha, an 11-year-old Albanian boy from Italy, was rescued from a Kurdish-run prison camp in Syria in November after a popular Italian TV show whipped up support for his plight.

      The boy’s homecoming has also opened a ray of hope for other families in Albania who have been struggling for years to bring back youth snatched by their jihadist parents.

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