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    • Friday 16 October
    • Yemen’s warring sides exchange hundreds of prisoners, raising hopes for peace

      France 24 - 16h37

      Planes carrying prisoners exchanged by the warring parties in Yemen took off from three airports on Thursday in an operation to return about 1,000 men home and help build the trust to enable fresh talks to end a devastating war.

      The Saudi-led military coalition and Yemen‘s Houthi movement agreed last month in Switzerland to exchange 1,081 prisoners, including 15 Saudis, in the largest swap of its kind in the five-year-old conflict.

    • Ivory Coast hopes ride high as election nears

      France 24 - 16h35

      A tense electoral campaign for Ivory Coast’s October 31 presidential election kicked off on Thursday with the incumbent, Alassane Ouattara, seeking a contested third term. Some Ivorians accuse him of undermining the constitution, and the opposition has called for widespread “civil disobedience” to disrupt his controversial plans. In the past 25 years, Ivory Coast has regularly been the scene of post-electoral violence. Often at the cost of multiple human lives.

    • Thursday 15 October
    • HK-tweeting NBA Rockets boss Morey stepping down: reports

      France 24 - 19h05

      Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey, whose tweet last year supporting Hong Kong freedom led to a China rift with the NBA, is stepping down, according to multiple reports Thursday.

      ESPN and the Houston Chronicle, citing unnamed sources, reported that Morey was departing of his own choice after guiding the Rockets basketball operations since the 2007-2008 season.

    • In Dearborn, Michigan, Muslim Americans are mobilising to defeat Trump

      France 24 - 19h04

      In Dearborn, a suburb of Detroit where one-third of residents identify as Arab-American or are of Arab descent, Muslim voters lean decidedly towards the Democrats. And while Joe Biden wasn’t the first choice for many here, widespread opposition to President Donald Trump is bringing voters into his camp.

    • HK-tweeting NBA Rockets boss Morey stepping down: reports

      France 24 - 19h02

      Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey, whose tweet last year supporting Hong Kong freedom led to a China rift with the NBA, is stepping down, according to multiple reports Thursday.

      ESPN and the Houston Chronicle, citing unnamed sources, reported that Morey was departing of his own choice after guiding the Rockets basketball operations since the 2007-2008 season.

      His final campaign brought severe scrutiny after a tweet one year ago regarding Hong Kong protests led to China suspending sponsorship deals with the NBA and pulling NBA game telecasts off Chinese television for a year, resuming only with last Friday’s fifth game of the NBA Finals.

    • French football league threatens to rip up Mediapro deal in TV rights dispute

      France 24 - 19h01

      The French Football League has threatened to rip up its domestic TV rights agreement with Mediapro and turn to other broadcasters following the Chinese-owned group’s refusal to make payments due earlier this month.

      In an email sent to clubs in France’s top two divisions and seen on Thursday by AFP, the league (LFP) said it had “ordered Mediapro to meet payments due on October 1 and 5”.

      The email, sent by the LFP’s executive director general, Arnaud Rouger, added that if an agreement is not reached with Mediapro, “we will need to consider handing the contract over to other operators”.

    • Pompeo hopes Armenia to ‘defend’ itself against Azerbaijan

      France 24 - 18h58

      US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo voiced hope Thursday that Armenia would “defend” itself against Azerbaijan, appearing to show sympathy to one side over the fierce clashes.

      “We’re hopeful that the Armenians will be able to defend against what the Azerbaijanis are doing,” Pompeo said in an interview with WBS radio in Atlanta.

    • EU leaders urge UK to ‘make the necessary moves’ to save Brexit talks

      France 24 - 18h57

      European Union leaders on Thursday placed the onus on Britain to unblock stalled post-Brexit trade talks, urging London to “make the necessary moves” to answer their concerns.

      In a written conclusion adopted at their summit, the 27 leaders also urged the EU and its member states to step up preparations to protect their interests in the event Britain leaves the single market without a deal.

      British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had set the first day of the EU summit on Thursday as the deadline to get a trade and security deal to replace its membership that expired on January 31. A transition period is set to end on January 1, 2021 forcing negotiators to work fast if any deal still is to get legislative approval and legal vetting in the narrow time frame.

    • French authorities search homes of health minister, ex-PM in inquiry into handling of Covid-19

      France 24 - 17h01

      French police searched the homes of Health Minister Olivier Véran, former prime minister Edouard Philippe and other officials on Thursday as part of an inquiry into the government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis, the ministry said.

      Véran is one of several current or former ministers under investigation over their response to the coronavirus pandemic following complaints by victims of Covid-19 that they were too slow to act.

      Véran’s office was also searched as part of the probe, as was the home of the director of the national health agency, Jérôme Salomon.

    • WHO warns Europe virus surge of ‘great concern’

      France 24 - 16h59

      European countries have unveiled tough new measures to try to curb a surge in coronavirus infections which the World Health Organization warned Thursday is of “great concern”.

      Underscoring the disruption wrought by Covid-19 even in the corridors of power, US presidential candidate Joe Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris suspended travel after a staffer contracted the disease and EU chief Ursula von der Leyen abruptly left a summit in Brussels for a similar reason.

    • Ecuador’s Narvaez wins Giro d’Italia 12th stage, Almeida in pink

      France 24 - 16h58

      Ecuador’s Jhonatan Narvaez gave the Ineos team their third stage win in this year’s Giro d’Italia, crossing the line alone on a wet stage 12 at Cesenatico on Thursday.

      Narvaez soloed to victory 1min 8sec ahead of Ukrainian Mark Padun, who had suffered a puncture 24km from the line, with Australian Simon Clarke third at 6min 50sec following the difficult 204km run mostly in the rain.

    • France Coronavirus pandemic: Macron orders anti-virus curfew.

      France 24 - 16h57

      2020-10-14 22:34 France Coronavirus pandemic: Macron orders anti-virus curfew.

    • Belgian king meets once-hidden half-sister for first time

      France 24 - 16h56

      Belgium’s King Philippe has met his once-secret half-sister Delphine de Saxe-Cobourg for the first time, the palace said Thursday, after she won a legal battle to be admitted to the royal family.

      The meeting took place on October 9 and led to a “long and rich exchange” that will allow the relationship to develop within a “family framework,” said the statement.

      Former king Albert II, who reigned from 1993 until 2013 and is Philippe’s father, had been forced to undergo a DNA test in 2019 following a long battle with the woman who had insisted for years she was his daughter.

    • Private festivities, weddings banned during France’s Covid-19 state of emergency

      France 24 - 16h54

      A day after President Emmanuel Macron announced a nighttime curfew in Paris and eight other cities, top French officials on Thursday detailed tough new measures to stem a Covid-19 surge, including a nationwide ban on private festivities, including weddings.

    • France imposes curfew on Paris and other cities as Europe ramps up Covid-19 restrictions

      - 16h53

      France on Wednesday became the latest European country to toughen anti-coronavirus measures, imposing a curfew in Paris and eight other cities from Saturday, while Germany and Ireland also ramped up restrictions.

    • Trickbot and its one million zombie computers: US election under threat?

      France 24 - 16h51

      Tech giant Microsoft and United States military intelligence are taking on Trickbot, deeming the botnet – one of the world’s largest networks of computers controlled remotely by cybercriminals – a threat to the US presidential election.

      Trickbot’s network has been used to paralyse hospitals, retirement homes, banks and even city governments. Considered one of the largest and most active cybercriminal networks in the world, the group has just weathered an assault by Microsoft and US Cyber Command, the military equivalent of the National Security Agency (NSA).

    • Kyrgyzstan President Jeenbekov resigns amid unrest over disputed elections

      France 24 - 16h50

      Kyrgyzstan’s President Sooronbay Jeenbekov resigned on Thursday, saying he wanted to bring an end to the crisis sparked by disputed parliamentary elections earlier this month.

      Protests had erupted after the October 4 election was won by parties loyal to Jeenbekov, with opponents disputing the results, alleging vote-buying. The vote was later annulled but this did not quell the tensions.

      “I am not clinging to power. I do not want to go down in the history of Kyrgyzstan as a president who allowed bloodshed and shooting on its people. I have taken the decision to resign,” Jeenbekov said in a statement released by his office.

    • Harris pauses in-person campaign events after staffer diagnosed with Covid-19

      France 24 - 16h48

      Joe Biden’s presidential campaign said Thursday that vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris will suspend in-person events until Monday after two people associated with the campaign tested positive for coronavirus. The campaign said Biden had no exposure, though he and Harris spent several hours campaigning together in Arizona on Oct. 8.

    • Wednesday 14 October
    • All eyes on Macron as hospitals chief warns of ICU saturation due to Covid-19 surge

      France 24 - 13h14

      Intensive care units at Paris hospitals will be packed with Covid-19 patients as soon as next week, the head of the region’s public hospital group warned Tuesday, ratcheting up expectations that President Emmanuel Macron could announce tougher measures to stem the surge in his Wednesday evening speech.

      As Europe experiences a sharp increase in Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations are also rising in several countries, sparking concerns over public health capacities as the winter approaches.

    • Israel approves first West Bank settler homes since Gulf deals

      France 24 - 13h13

      Israel approved 2,166 new homes in settlements across the occupied West Bank on Wednesday, official figures sent to AFP showed, ending an eight-month lull in settlement expansion.

      The approvals came less than a month after the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain signed agreements to normalise relations with Israel, which in return pledged to freeze its plans to annex swathes of the West Bank.

    • Nigeria’s youth finds voice in police brutality protests

      France 24 - 13h11

      Protests against police brutality in Nigeria have brought Africa’s largest city to a standstill and dominated social media, channelling anger among the frustrated youth that has forced the government to listen.

      From raising funds online to influencers drawing big crowds, the campaign has topped Twitter worldwide and received support from some of Africa’s biggest celebrities.

    • Trump, Biden target battleground states in race for White House

      France 24 - 13h09

      Donald Trump and Joe Biden are both targeting key battleground states this week as the race for the White House enters its final leg. But while both are targeting voters in swing states, their rhetoric and approach to Covid-19 safety protocols could hardly be further apart.

    • Tunisia: Protests erupt after man killed in kiosk demolition

      France 24 - 13h09

      The death of a street vendor has sparked angry protests in the Tunisian city of Sbeïtla. The man was sleeping inside a kiosk when authorities bulldozed the structure in the middle of the night.

    • Japan swim champ Seto suspended for affair

      France 24 - 13h06

      Japan’s top Olympic swimmer Daiya Seto has been barred from competitions and official training until the end of the year as punishment for an affair exposed by a tabloid.

      The star athlete was caught on camera in September by a gossip magazine, which chronicled the married 26-year-old’s movements as he picked up his girlfriend, took her to a “love hotel”, then went to pick up his daughter from nursery.

    • ‘We are in serious trouble’: A close presidential race puts Michigan on edge

      France 24 - 13h02

      In 2016, Donald Trump’s upset victory in Michigan was key to his winning the White House. This year, Joe Biden is counting on bringing the state back into the Democratic fold. Travelling across the Midwestern battleground, FRANCE 24 met voters on both sides who are bracing for catastrophe if their candidate loses.

    • In a ‘stunning rebuke’, UN Human Rights Council rejects Saudi membership bid

      France 24 - 13h00

      Saudi Arabia failed in its bid to become a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council on Tuesday as China and Russia were elected to three-year terms.

      Human rights groups hailed the snub to Saudi Arabia, which deals a blow to the kingdom’s attempts to improve its image in the international community.

    • Humanitarian crisis feared as Nagorno-Karabakh ceasefire broken

      France 24 - 12h59

      Armenia and Azerbaijan accused each other on Tuesday of violating a ceasefire agreed three days ago to quell fighting over the Nagorno-Karabakh enclave, drawing warnings from international groups of a humanitarian crisis.

      The Russia-brokered truce is buckling despite mounting calls from world powers to halt the fighting, with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo among those urging greater commitment to the ceasefire terms.

    • Thai pro-democracy protesters, royalists put up rival show of force in Bangkok

      France 24 - 12h57

      Thai anti-government protesters and royalist supporters of King Maha Vajiralongkorn staged rival shows of force on either side of a Bangkok street on Wednesday with political tension growing after three months of demonstrations.

      Several hundred protesters at the Democracy Monument repeated their call for the departure of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, a former junta leader, and a new constitution. They gave their trademark three-finger salute.

      Just a couple of dozen metres away, hundreds of royalists assembled with members of security forces – all of them clad in the royal yellow colour – hours before a royal motorcade was due to pass along the road.

    • Tuesday 13 October
    • Irish court rejects French extradition request for suspect in 1996 murder case

      France 24 - 13h56

      Ireland’s High Court on Monday rejected a third attempt by the French authorities to extradite a British man in connection with a long-running unsolved murder case.

      Ian Bailey was convicted in his absence at a French court last year of killing Sophie Toscan du Plantier, whose body was found outside her holiday home in southern Ireland in 1996.

      The victim, who was 39 at the time, was the wife of French film producer Daniel Toscan du Plantier. She was found wearing night clothes and had been beaten on the head with a concrete block.

    • In Pennsylvania, fracking might not be the winning issue US presidential candidates think it is

      France 24 - 13h52

      In the battle for the White House, Pennsylvania and fracking have become all but synonymous. Yet in one of the state’s largest gas-producing counties, FRANCE 24 found residents’ relationship with the industry to be far more vexed than the national debate suggests.

      Rose Friend’s family has a long history with natural gas. For decades, the family’s home in rural Washington County, Pennsylvania, got a free supply of the fuel from a local conventional well, as compensation for one of the several active gas lines running across the property.

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