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    • Thursday 30 July
    • Yazidi children freed from IS group still haunted by trauma: Amnesty International

      France 24 - 13h45

      Nearly 2,000 Yazidi children freed from the grips of the Islamic State group in recent years are still trapped by psychological and physical trauma, Amnesty International warned on Thursday.

      In a new report based on dozens of interviews in northern Iraq, the rights group found that 1,992 children who faced torture, forced conscription, rape and other abuses at the hands of IS were not getting the care they need.

      “While the nightmare of their past has receded, hardships remain for these children,” said Matt Wells, deputy director of Amnesty’s crisis response team.

    • Arrest of four students under new Hong Kong security law provokes public outrage

      France 24 - 13h42

      Hong Kong has fallen into an era of “white terror”, democracy campaigners said Thursday after four students – one aged just 16 – were arrested for social media posts deemed to be a threat to China’s national security.

      Wednesday’s arrests were the first made by Hong Kong police’s new national security unit, which was set up after Beijing imposed a controversial law last month aimed at quashing the city’s democracy movement.

    • Surviving China’s Uighur ‘re-education through labour’ camps

      France 24 - 13h41

      In China’s northwestern Xinjiang region, more than one million ethnic Uighurs are believed to be held in internment camps. The authorities call them “re-education through labour camps”, but victims say the reality is forced indoctrination for Uighurs held in alarming conditions. From China to Canada, via Turkey and France, our reporters Angélique Forget and Antoine Védeilhé investigated the plight of the Uighurs and gathered rare testimony. This is their exclusive report.

    • Wednesday 29 July
    • Russian prosecutors demand nearly 10 years’ jail for US ex-marine

      France 24 - 18h14

      Russian prosecutors on Wednesday asked for a sentence of nearly 10 years in a penal colony for a former US marine accused of attacking police officers.

      Trevor Reed, a 28-year-old student and former Marine from Texas, allegedly attacked police while drunk after attending a party last year.

      He is accused of grabbing one policeman while being driven to a police station and elbowing another.

    • No spectators for US Open golf due to COVID-19

      France 24 - 18h12

      The 120th US Open will be staged without spectators at Winged Foot on September 17-20 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the US Golf Association (USGA) announced Wednesday.

      The USGA consulted state officials before ruling out fans over health and safety issues.

      The major showdown in suburban New York would have been the first to allow fans since the US PGA Tour resumed play in June after a three-month shutdown due to the deadly virus outbreak.

    • Bolivia records 10% increase in coca cultivation in 2019

      France 24 - 18h10

      Bolivia recorded a 10 percent increase in coca cultivation in 2019 compared to the previous year, the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) said on Wednesday.

      That amounted to an increase from 23,1000 hectares to 25,5000 devoted to the crop, a primary ingredient in cocaine but which is also used to make tea or is chewed raw in several Andean countries.

      Bolivia is the third largest producer of cocaine in the world after Colombia and Peru, according to the UNODC.

    • Israeli artist mocks Netanyahu in ‘Last Supper’ installation

      France 24 - 18h09

      An Israeli artist mocked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday in a re-enactment of “The Last Supper” installed in central Tel Aviv, a day after people protesting against him in the city were beaten and bloodied.

      Artist Itay Zalait said the piece in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square, featuring a Netanyahu likeness perched over a long dining table and seated in front of a cake, represents “the last meal of Israeli democracy.”

    • Covid-19: Downsized Hajj begins for lucky few pilgrims

      France 24 - 18h07

      Muslim pilgrims began arriving at the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, for the start of the annual Hajj pilgrimage on Wednesday. But amid the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s Hajj has been dramatically downsized.

      Normally attracting more than two million people each year, this year’s Hajj has been limited to just 10,000 pilgrims, with only those resident in Saudi Arabia invited to attend.

      Some 70 percent of the pilgrims are foreigners living in the kingdom, while the rest are Saudi citizens, according to the government.

    • Hong Kong activists arrested under new security law

      - 18h05

      Four Hong Kong students involved in a recently disbanded pro-independence group were arrested by police on Wednesday under a controversial new national security law, officers and members of the group said.

      The arrests are the first to target public political figures since the sweeping legislation was imposed on the city by Beijing late last month.

      Police said three men and one woman aged between 16 and 21 were arrested on suspicion of organising and inciting secession.

    • Paris migrant camp evacuated - 18h03

      Police in Paris have evacuated more than 1,250 people from a migrant camp on the bank of a canal in the suburb of Aubervilliers. Migrant support groups condemned the move and said permanent solutions needed to be found.

      Migrants in the tent camp on the Saint-Denis canal northeast of Paris began boarding buses at dawn. They were taken to temporary shelters in gymnasiums in the Paris region where they were to be tested for COVID-19 as a precaution, the newspaper Le Parisien reported.

    • Belarus detains dozens of Russian mercenaries before election, says state media

      France 24 - 17h59

      Belarusian authorities said Wednesday they have detained dozens of Russian private military contractors days before Belarus’ presidential vote, a sign of escalating tensions between the two neighbors.

      Belarus‘ authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko, who is seeking a sixth term in office in the Aug. 9 vote, has repeatedly accused Russia of trying to force Belarus to abandon its post-Soviet independence. Throughout his 26-year rule, the 65-year-old Lukashenko has relied on Russian subsidies and political support but has fiercely resisted Moscow’s efforts to gain control over Belarus’ economic assets.

    • ‘The birds have landed’: French-made Rafale jets arrive in India amid China tensions

      France 24 - 17h58

      The first batch of five French-made Rafale fighter jets arrived at an Indian air force base on Wednesday, Indian officials said, as the country seeks to modernize its military amid security challenges with Pakistan and China.

      The planes landed at the airbase in Ambala in Haryana state amid tight security. Police and soldiers closed roads leading to the base, banned photography and enforced restrictions on gatherings of more than four people, police officer Abhishek Jorwal said.

    • Former FRANCE 24 correspondent Moncef Aït Kaci, technician Ramdane Rahmouni released in Algeria

      - 17h54

      Moncef Aït Kaci, who was until recently FRANCE 24’s correspondent in Algeria, and technician Ramdane Rahmouni were released on Wednesday after having been detained the previous evening.

      Aït Kaci’s lawyer said earlier that he was unable to provide details on the charges or the reasons for the arrest. He added that Aït Kaci did have a problem with his press accreditation from the Algerian authorities.

      Aït Kaci and Rahmouni worked together on FRANCE 24’s July 4 interview with Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune.

    • US to move 11,900 troops out from Germany: Pentagon

      France 24 - 15h46

      The United States will slash its military presence in Germany by 11,900 troops, relocating some to Italy and Belgium in a major shift of Washington’s NATO assets, Defense Secretary Mark Esper announced Wednesday.

      In a repositioning that could start within weeks, the Pentagon will be sending home about 6,400 of its military personnel in Germany, and move nearly 5,600 to other NATO countries.

    • COVID-style: French ministers keep their distance for group photo

      France 24 - 15h45

      France’s new cabinet posed for its official photograph Wednesday, standing in an unusual, spaced formation to observe social distancing amid the coronavirus outbreak.

      Rather than the traditional shoulder-to-shoulder group shot, the portrait is taken from afar to fit President Emmanuel Macron’s new 43-member team into the frame on the Elysee Palace’s lawn.

      The 30 ministers and 12 junior ministers under new Prime Minister Jean Castex appear tiny, their shadows long in the empty space between them, and their faces almost indistinguishable in the photo dominated by large trees in the far background.

    • Twitter bans rapper Wiley permanently over anti-Semitism

      France 24 - 15h42

      Twitter on Wednesday permanently suspended the account of a high-profile British rapper and apologised for its initially slow response to his series of anti-Semitic messages posted last week.

      The social media giant, along with photo-sharing site Instagram, on Friday banned grime artist Wiley from their platforms for seven days after he send the messages earlier that day.

    • Pilgrims gather for virus-hit hajj as US, India record grim data

      France 24 - 15h41

      Mask-clad Muslims gathered at Saudi Arabia’s holiest site for a hajj pilgrimage on Wednesday that has been massively scaled down because of the coronavirus pandemic, as the US, China and India registered alarming new figures.

      The hajj in Mecca is usually one of the world’s largest religious gatherings and last year attracted 2.5 million visitors, but this year a maximum of 10,000 people will take part.

      All worshippers are being tested before arriving at the site and will have to quarantine after the pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, which has one of the largest outbreaks in the Middle East.

    • England face pace dilemma after announcing unchanged squad for Pakistan Test

      France 24 - 15h39

      England will once again face a selection dilemma over the make-up of their pace attack after an unchanged 14-man squad was named on Wednesday for next week’s first Test against Pakistan.

      Joe Root’s side rotated their frontline fast bowlers during the 2-1 series win over the West Indies, which ended on Tuesday, with the competition for places intense.

      Stuart Broad responded to being left out of the opener with 16 wickets at under 11 in the last two Tests, while Chris Woakes ended the series with five wickets in the West Indies second innings.

    • Tests reveal over half of Mumbai slum residents have virus antibodies

      France 24 - 15h34

      More than half of residents in India’s commercial capital Mumbai have tested positive to antibodies for Covid-19, contrasted with only 16 percent of people living outside of slums but in the same area. The results are from random testing of about 7,000 people in early July.

    • Turkey passes controversial law regulating social media

      France 24 - 15h32

      Turkey’s parliament passed a law regulating social media on Wednesday, that critics said will increase censorship and help authorities silence dissent.

      President Tayyip Erdogan‘s ruling AK Party, which has a majority with an allied nationalist party, had backed the bill. The assembly began debating the new legislation on Tuesday, and its passage was announced by parliament on Twitter.

      The law requires foreign social media sites to appoint Turkish-based representatives to address authorities’ concerns over content and includes deadlines for removal of material they take exception to.

    • Yemen separatists abandon self-rule in push for stalled peace deal

      France 24 - 15h29

      Yemen’s leading separatist group will abandon its aspirations for self-rule to implement a stalled peace deal brokered by Saudi Arabia, it announced early Wednesday in a major step toward closing a dangerous rift between nominal allies in the chaotic proxy war.

      Nizar Haitham, a spokesman for the separatists’ Southern Transitional Council, an umbrella group of militias backed by the United Arab Emirates, said the separatists would give up their dreams of autonomy over southern Yemen to pursue the Riyadh agreement.

    • Taliban announce three-day ceasefire in Afghanistan for Eid al-Adha

      France 24 - 15h27

      Afghanistan’s Islamist Taliban militants announced on Tuesday that they will observe a three-day ceasefire for the Muslim religious holiday of Eid al-Adha, starting Friday, offering some respite from weeks of increasing violence.

      Disagreements over a prisoner exchange and the violence have delayed peace talks between an Afghan government-mandated committee and the Taliban, as envisaged in an agreement signed between the United States and the militant group in Doha in February.

    • French police use ‘legitimate violence’, says new interior minister

      France 24 - 15h25

      France’s recently installed interior minister dismissed on Tuesday the term “police violence” and told lawmakers the police exercise “legitimate violence”.

      “When I hear the term ‘police violence’, personally I choke,” said Gérard Darmanin, whose predecessor lost his job three weeks ago after becoming embroiled in a controversy over police use of a restraint method known as a chokehold.

      Deaths in custody of two men of African origin in separate incidents sparked widespread fury and led Darmanin’s predecessor Christophe Castaner to ban police use of the chokehold.

    • Tuesday 28 July
    • French astronaut Thomas Pesquet: ‘I couldn’t be more excited to go back into space’

      France 24 - 16h33

      French astronaut Thomas Pesquet will be the first European to fly on board the new SpaceX Dragon 2, which is due to blast off from Cape Canaveral for the International Space Station in the spring of 2021. Pesquet already spent six months on board the ISS from November 2016 to June 2017. He spoke to FRANCE 24 about training for his return to space, why his new mission is called “Alpha” and why he thinks a manned mission to Mars will happen within his lifetime.

    • Broad takes 500 Test wickets as England seal West Indies series win

      France 24 - 16h31

      Stuart Broad joined one of cricket’s most exclusive clubs when he took his 500th Test wicket on Tuesday as England completed a series-clinching win over the West Indies at Old Trafford.

      The 34-year-old became just the seventh bowler and fourth pacemen to reach the landmark when he had opener Kraigg Brathwaite plumb lbw for 19 on the fifth day of the third Test.

    • Taliban declare three-day ceasefire during Eid

      France 24 - 16h30

      The Taliban on Tuesday declared a three-day ceasefire during the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha starting Friday, marking the second such truce in just over two months in Afghanistan.

      The offer came soon after President Ashraf Ghani said peace talks with the Taliban could begin “in a week’s time”.

      “All the mujahedeen (Taliban fighters)… are ordered to refrain from carrying out any operation against the enemy during the three days and nights of Eid al-Adha,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said in a statement.

    • US summons Zimbabwe ambassador after insult over protests

      France 24 - 16h28

      The United States on Tuesday summoned Zimbabwe’s ambassador after the ruling party insulted the US envoy in Harare and accused him of fomenting anti-corruption protests.

      Patrick Chinamasa, spokesman for the ruling Zanu-PF party, on Monday called US Ambassador Brian Nicholls “a thug” and threatened to expel him.

      “Comments from Zanu-PF — while sadly not surprising — are deeply offensive,” said Tibor Nagy, the top US diplomat for Africa.

    • Cycling’s Milan-San Remo rerouted after local opposition

      France 24 - 16h25

      The Milan-San Remo one-day cycling classic sceduled for August 8 has been rerouted after local government opposition to its itinerary, stretching the already lengthy race to an epic 299km.

      The Italian sports daily La Gazzetta dello Sport said 13 of 16 municipal authorities in the Savona province, near Italy’s original coronavirus hot-spot in Lombardy, had registered opposition to the race crossing their territory.

    • Global air traffic won’t return to pre-crisis level before 2024: IATA

      France 24 - 16h23

      Global air traffic will not return to levels seen before the coronavirus pandemic until at least 2024, the International Air Transport Association said on Tuesday.

      Uncertainty about the timing of border reopenings is the main factor, IATA’s chief economist Brian Pearce told a news conference.

      “We now are expecting 2019 levels not to be reached until 2024 which is a year later that what we had previously expected,” he said.

    • Work begins in France to recreate process that powers the Sun

      France 24 - 16h22

      Fourteen years after receiving the official go-ahead, scientists began to assemble a machine in southern France on Tuesday that will seek to prove whether nuclear fusion, the process which powers the Sun, can be a safe and viable energy source for Earth.

      The groundbreaking multinational experiment, ITER, has seen components arrive in the tiny commune of Saint-Paul-les-Durance from all corners of the world in recent months.

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