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Catholic Bishop laments absence of political structures in Nigeria

Bishop Matthew Kukah of the Catholic Diocese of Sokoto in northern Nigeria says that Nigeria needs to work on its political structures to ensure good governance.Kukah told Nigeria’s Channels Television during an interview on Roadmap 2019, which was aired Monday that “we have really not had political structures with any form of what you may call ideological commitment”.

“Democracy is a work in progress and nation-building, and we are really truly very young in this process.

“I think that we have sometimes been a bit unfair to ourselves because designing the template, designing the building block, managing an environment of this nature, states not coming out of the reality of people’s existence, has also brought to the fore the difficulties of building democracy,” he said.

Kukah, who is a member of the National Peace Committee led by former Head of State General Abdulsalami Abubakar, blamed the slow pace of democratic development in the country on the successive years consumed by “the locust”, referring to the past military governments.

“I am not talking about the military in any disparaging sense,” he stressed.

Kukah explained further the nation has travelled, but gone nowhere and that “even after 20 years of our so-called return to democracy in 1999, we are still in the hands of a retired general and we only had briefly Goodluck Jonathan and Umaru Yar’Adua, who never really finished their terms”.

According to him, Nigerian politics will continue to witness a ‘high’ of violence unless certain things are put in place.

Kukah urged the leaders to support the system with institutions that would enhance democratic development. 

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