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Central African Republic hit by polio outbreak

In a brief statement issued on Tuesday night on National Radio, Health Minister Dr. Pierre Somse announced the outbreak of two polio in the Central African Republic, specifically in the health districts of Bambari (center) and Bimbo (south).According to the minister, children have had severe flaccid paralysis in these areas and the analysis of their faeces by the CAR laboratories indicated the existence of the polio virus. Many children in these areas therefore have signs of paralysis of their lower limbs.

The minister appealed to parents to bring their children to health centers as soon as possible to be vaccinated against the virus, until other laboratories can definitively confirm the existence of the epidemic in the country.

In Central Africa, the polio vaccine is free and according to specialists, if only one case of polio is identified in a region, the Ministry of Health declares the existence of the epidemic.

With the presence of the polio virus in the country, CAR has had three epidemics this year: Hepatitis E in Bocaranga in the North West and yellow fever in the central region of Sibut.

Published on 28.04.2020

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