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Chad closes border with Libya

Chad has announced it is shutting down its border with neighbouring Libya over security concerns.The closure will be until further notice, Chad’s security sources told APA on Monday, adding that the measure was made the day before by the Security Minister doubling as army chief.

According to Mahamat Abali Salah, who is touring the north of the country, particularly in the gold panning regions and areas of conflicts linked to armed groups, the border closure was instructed by the country’s authorities aimed at securing the national territory.

“This area, although part of Chad, has become a crossroads for all thugs, terrorists and rebels. The state has taken steps to put its house in order. Among these measures, the first is to ban gold panning, the second is to disarm all the people living here, and finally, we have taken the decision to close the border with Libya,” said Mahamat Abali Salah.

Chad in January 2017 closed its border with Libya for security reasons.

However, N’Djaména the same year agreed to open a border crossing on humanitarian grounds.

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