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Chad restricts Internet access in N’djamena

Internet availability remains heavily restricted in the Chadian capital N’Djamena, where users have been denied access to social media especially Facebook and WhatsApp for four days.The officials have not given any reason for the restriction.

However, some sources say it was triggered by an issue involving young people from two communities, including supporters of the ruling majority.

The designation of the city of Amdjarass as the administrative center of the Ennedi instead of the city of Fada, would have aroused the anger of young people from the latter.

They immediately bombarded social media sites with angry video criticizing natives of Amdjarass.

In a reaction, young natives of Amdjarass from where Chadian President Idriss Déby Itno, hailed reportedly asked the authorities to restrict internet access in the area.

To use those networks, some users have resorted to a virtual private network but because of the high power consumption it involves, many Chadians have simply stopped connecting and are waiting for the authorities to restore the service.

Others have been able to access internet services using the Cameroon’s networks, a possibility offered to communities not far from the Chari River which separates the Cameroonian city of Kousseri from N’Djamena.

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