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Chadian army arrest 9 Cameroonian soldiers

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Chadian army on Monday, May 7 arrested nine members of  Cameroon’s Rapid Intervention Group (BIR) and two civilians in Mayo Kebbi-East, a region which borders Cameroon and ‘Djamena.

Going by a BBC report, an official said the soldiers crossed the border and entered 45 kilometers into Chadian territory. At the time of their arrest, the soldiers did not have a mission order.

All 11 people were transferred to Bongor south of N’Djamena.

Asked by authorities in the Mayo Kebbi-East region, the soldiers explained that they were in pursuit of four turbaned armed bandits who tied up a herdsman and stole 26 oxen on Sunday.

The alleged thieves disappeared in the forest between Gobo, a town in Cameroon, and Holom-Gamès, a Chadian town.

In order to chase the thieves, the Cameroonian military had taken with them two civilians, owners of the cattle and found themselves in Chadian territory according to their version.

Security report reveal that the soldiers were immediately transferred to N’djamena, without specifying where they are held. The Chadian authorities are yet to make any statement.

Published on 28.04.2020

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