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Chiefs from East region ‘condemn’ debate on federalism

Traditional rulers from the East Region of Cameroon have strongly condemned any possible  return of the nation to a federal system of government or secession as advocated by some Cameroonians.

The chiefs made their position clear in a memo addressed to the Head of State calling him to stand re-election at the upcoming Presidential election.

“We, the traditional rulers of the East Region… strongly condemn any attempts at division, federalism and secession advocated by some lost Cameroonians who are manipulated by the diaspora,” the chief said in a letter addressed to the Head of State.

Amongst the chiefs who signed the letter were the Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reforms Joseph Le,  Assistant Director of the Civil Cabinet at the Presidency, Oswald Baboke , Christophe Mien Zok, Director General of the Yaounde Conference Centre as well as Ngo’o Cyrus, General Manager of the Ports Authority of Douala.

Their position is in stark contrast to that of fellow CPDM comrade and member of Government Jacques Fame Ndongo who told French radio station, RFI in an interview at the weekend that his party could reflect on federalism as a way out to the crisis rocking the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

Published on 28.04.2020

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