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China proposes Cameroon should boost online marketing

The Chinese ambassador to Cameroon says online marketing will curb smuggling and counterfeiting

The Chinese Ambassador to Cameroon coordinated activities of a delegation of businessmen from China which was in Yaounde this week. The delegation was received by Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana, Minister of Trade.

Both sides reviewed the state of cooperation enhance after an agreement signed during the recent visit of Cameroon’s President Paul Biya to China. At the audience granted by Cameroonian Minister of Trade on March 28 to the delegation of Chinese investors led by the country’s ambassador to Cameroon, the fight against smuggling and counterfeiting was at the centre of discussions.

According to Zhang Mao, General Manager of the National Administration and Industry of the People’s Republic of China, a total of 40 Chinese companies operate freely in Cameroon. He said the companies respect rules and regulations of business operations in Cameroon regarding protection against unfair competition, protection of consumer rights, etc.

He added that reforms are being carried out daily in Cameroon to facilitate on the ease of doing business and the exercise of commercial activities.

China is Cameroon’s second largest trading partner. He said Cameroon has many products it can sell in China, such as cocoa and coffee sectors, which the trade boss boasted the country is the 4th producer of cocoa in Africa and 5th in the world.

Minister Mbarga for his part, said there is need for Cameroonian businesses to partner with their Chinese counterparts to increase production and local processing of its products including coffee.

The idea of cotton processing in Cameroon was not left out. As in China, there is a Consumer Protection Act in Cameroon which facilitates the fight against smuggling and counterfeiting.

The Chinese delegation suggested to the trade minister that Cameroon could follow “the trend of online shopping in China which makes smuggling more difficult”.

Zhang Mao said a change in consumer protection law, the establishment of a system for the numerical evaluation of business activities and the punishment of those involved in smuggling are also required to eradicate counterfeiting.

He also invited Minister Mbarga Atangana to visit China: “we would like to discuss your way of doing things, in the economy and health sector as well. We are open to exchanges and we hope that the idea of setting up a cocoa and coffee exchange in Shanghai for textile development will be chosen “. he said.

Published on 03.01.2023

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