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Chinese SMEs twice as many, but less helpful than French companies in Cameroon

President Paul Biya and Chinese investors at the Unity Palace in Yaounde -File photo

Findings of a recent study show French Small and Medium Size Enterprises’ (SMEs) contribution to Cameroon’s economy is greater than that of the Chinese, despite the fact that the latter have twice as many investors in the sector.

The study was carried out by the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development, MINEPAT with technical support from the Center for Analysis and Research on Economic and Social Policies (Camercap-Parc).

The inexhaustive report, shows the strengths and weaknesses of both French and Chinese companies as well as their impact on the Cameroonian economy. The findings revealed that the French have more Limited Liability Companies which make up 76% of their investment in the small and medium size entreprise sector in Cameroon. The companies, the report said, are involved in production and as such have added value.

This study also reveals that between 2010 and 2015, some 40, 500 enterprises were created. 389 of these companies were created by Chinese nationals, representing 27% of the total number of SMEs created. This is twice the number market share owned by France- only 180 (12.5% ) French SMEs were created within this period.

Meanwhile Nigerian SMEs created within the period studied, represented 9.8% of the total number of investments with 141 entreprises occupying. As such the country occupies 3rd postion behind France and China. Then came the Lebanese, with 5.5% of enterprises created and Indians (4.9).





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