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Cholera: South West region of Cameroon faces a hitch

Cholera outbreaks in Cameroon

The cholera outbreak in the South-West region continues to spread. Five health districts are affected with 967 cumulative confirmed cases and over 30 deaths since January 2022. 


The Bota Health Center in Limbe registered close to 8 new cases. Videos spread on social media where patients are lined up some in benches waiting for consultations . 

Cholera outbreaks are recurrent in Cameroon, especially in areas known for having poor drainage systems and sanitation facilities. The outbreak puts to test the limited water resources now available for Buea’s growing population. The town has been suffering from water shortages for a long time now and inhabitants say cholera puts more pressure on the water that they do not even have.

In addition to poor sanitary conditions, Public Health experts say ignorance about the disease is one of the key reasons why there is a resurgence every  so often.

The most recent outbreak was reported in the nation’s economic Capital in March 2021. Over 10 people got infected alongside one death in three neighborhoods in Douala; Manoka, Mbange and New Bell.

As part of measures to manage the health crisis, a month -long vaccination campaign took place during the  entire month of March on the national triangle. Children aged over a year and adults were vaccinated against the disease. The Public Health Ministry had plans to vaccinate over 30,000 people especially in urban areas.

Preventive measures following the outbreak, the Public Health authorities in the the South West Region have cautioned the public against unhygienic practices that can lead to more infections.The Public Health Minister Dr. Manaouda Malachi  has equally outlined some preventive measures everyone should respect.– Regular hand washing– Washing food before consumption– Ensure drinking water is portable– Visit the nearest hospital in case of symptoms like diarrhea– Call 1510 for more inquiries.

Meanwhile other regions are not exempted from these precautions as the entire country is at risk. Indigents propose the state working in hand with Camwater, ensures an effective supply of good water and portable water . This will go a long way saving lives against cholera .

Published on 05.05.2023

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