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CHRDA condemns worsening heath conditions, detention of Anglophone detainees

Wum boys in Kondengui ©All rights reserved

The Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa has condemned the deteriorating health conditions of some Anglophones ‘unlawful’ detained at the kondengui maximum security prison.

In a release published today, the Centre among other things decried treatment of the detainees while revealing their deploring health conditions.

Excerpts of the release below;

“In observance with the norms and principles of both Cameroonian laws and international laws and/or the Basic Principles by the United Nations on the treatment of detainees strongly condemns the torture and neglect of health concerns of certain detainees at the Yaoundé Central prison in Cameroon. That the following detainees have critical health concerns needing urgent medical attention to which the prison administration has paid no attention.”

“Those with Eye Cataracts include inter alia; Njino Titus, Tambert Norbert, Ambe Louis, Fru Lesley, Atanga Celestine and Fon Evaristus. Others with eye conditions include; Anye Divine and Ambeisie Divine. Mbah Rene and Penn Terence Khan are victims of Spinal Discomfort and pain resulting from Torture. Ngwashiri Joseph Ngalang (Chest pain), Ngalim Felix Safeh (swollen legs like Elephantiasis), Yuka Edward (Diabetic), Khan Marcel (severe pain in the legs), Awah Thomas (tuberculosis), Fri Christabel (swollen stomach), Bah Paulinus (Semi paralysis), Acha Ivo (broken arm by bullet with iron Inside), Ajabe Felix (broken leg with iron inside)”

“Anye Divine, Efuet Armstrong (irregular teeth growth), Rev. Fr. Ambeizei Andrew (partial paralysis) and Asaah Patrick Ndangoh (constant back pain). Others with severe conditions include: Tah Emile Agwe, Ambesie
Divine and Platini. Wirba Diminus was severely tortured3 with the use of a hot electric iron
resulting in severe bodily harm.”

In the release, the Center urges the state and state penitentiary authorities to henceforth cease all forms of torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of
detainees under their supervision. The Center strongly recommends that immediate medical attention and
services be given to the aforementioned and any other sick detainee.

CHRDA’s release comes after sparkling outrage online over the deteriorating health conditions of Cameroonian Journalist, Thomas Awah. Awah’s ailing pictures in detention spared uproar among media groups who called for his immediate release. By press time, reports indicate that Thomas Awah has been rushed to hospital.


Published on 28.04.2020

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