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Church services adjusted to accomodate May 20 celebrations in Limbe

Church services have been adjusted for May 20 celebrations

Church services have been adjusted to accomodate May 20 celebrations in Limbe, theSenior Divisional Officer of Fako Division has announced.

The 46th edition of the National Unity Day will be celebrated on May 20 which falls on Sunday with activities set to coincide with church activities at some denominations.

However, administrative authorities in Fako Division say they have taken measures to see all take part in celebrations.

Thus after a meeting between administrative authorities in Limbe, religious authorities and the Chairperson of the Mobilization Committee, it was agreed that church services will start at 7.00AM and end at 8.00AM at latest, a communiqué signed by the Assistant SDO for Fako Division said.

The communiqué says it is to give ample time to christians and faithfuls  to participate in National Day celebrations.

Published on 28.04.2020

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