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Civilians advised against putting on military outfits

Colonel Didier Badjeck

Cameroon’s army spokesman, Colonel Didier Badjeck, has advised civilians against putting on military outfits.

According to Colonel Badjeck, the act is criminal. “Many civilians now put on military uniforms to deceive the population in order to commit atrocities” he said.

He explained that due to the country’s high level of insecurity, putting on military attires can be interpreted in several ways.

Going by a report from Voice of America, there has been tensions between armed groups in neighbouring Central African Republic, with a spill over into Cameroon, and Cameroon thinks rebel fighters are using the uniforms as a disguise”.

It is against this backdrop that the Colonel said any civilian seen putting on military attire will be arrested. He revealed that the security forces have already embarked on a hunt for those who trade in military attires.

He called on Cameroonians to respect the law and steer clear of putting on the attire.


Published on 28.04.2020

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