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Clandestine Immigration: Cameroonian Lady Lost Her Life in a Ship

Clandestine immigration
Africans immigrants rescued

27 Days after her departure from Cameroon in search of greener pastures in Europe, a young lady kicks the bucket in a ship sailing to Italy. 

After several walks crossing the desert and forest, the woman whose name has not yet being disclosed gives up her last breaths. Opinion has it that she probably developed and illness which did not adapt to the traveling conditions and so deteriorated, leading to her death.

Sources say she was a sales girl in a candy shop in Douala, Bessengue. Her savings basically resolved at finding a ‘tuyau’ as it is fundly called to set out to the borders.  Her body is yet to be returned to her family with the help of her journey partners who still strive at getting to their final destination despite the tragic incident. 

An ideology which persistently haunts Cameroonians who do the impossible to go over seas. Several people have lost their lives to the sea, forest and desert a journey of no return indeed. 

A former immigrant told Journal du Cameroon “ I flee the country in 2018 in an illicit way because I wanted to improve my living conditions. I tried going the official way but procedures were though, even getting a passport was n it easy. Nonetheless my journey was never a success, reason why I returned home. The tribulations and danger got me thinking and today I’m happy I took that decision “.

This rampant practice, called for the government concern as they signed a number or accords with western countries. 
For instance, a collaboration between the Cameroonian and US immigration authorities has led to the successful repatriation of 57  illegal Cameroonian immigrants from the United States of America.

The repatriation of the illegal immigrants  was facilitated by Cameroon’s Head of State , Paul Biya. Twelve women are among the 57 compatriots who arrived the Douala International Airport on October 14, at 2 Pm local time. Clandestine immigration is on the rise in Africa and other less developed countries. Many youths, especially in Africa think they can only succeed in the US or Europe

Accordingly, they are ready to risk their lives to make this dream a reality. Countless Africans have lost their lives in the Mediterranean as they struggle to smuggle themselves  into the US and European countries, in search of greener pastures.

Despite the high death rates in such desperate adventures, the phenomenon  is rather on the rise. In order to address the problem, rights groups and activists have began educating youths to adopt more healthy success drives. African and European leaders also said they will not relent efforts to curb  the phenomenon that spans decades.

Published on 05.05.2023

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