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Cameroon: Innovative volunteerism encouraged among youths

Dr. Richard Munang, a climate change expert and African coordinator of the ecosystem based adaptation for food security assembly, EBAFOSA, has urged Cameroonian youths to get involve in innovative volunteerism.

According to Dr. Munang,  youths have the power to transform the world with innovative actions. “Youths can use the platform to combat food insecurity, climate change, ecosystems degradation and poverty in Africa using an innovative approach that decentralises the development and application of policy solutions in the least bureaucratic channel to ensure immediate results”.

Fascinated with the works of Cameroon’s EBAFOSA branch, Munang hailed the setup of technical hubs in Cameroon universities in the bid to get more youths involve in the process. He stated that EBAFOSA which started as an idea is now a platform where people can come together to transform Africa and present the continent in a positive light.

The climate change expert said EBAFOSA was created to upscale ecosystem-based agricultural policies in Africa. It is the first ever inclusive pan-African framework that provides a platform for all stakeholders in a country, from governments and their agencies, the public sector, private sector, educational and research institutions, individuals, CBOs, international intergovernmental organisations, to collaborate in a participatory way in developing and implementing policy solutions to upscale EBA-driven agriculture and its value chains toward ensuring sustainable inclusive growth in Africa. EBAFOSA provides an optimised channel to implement existing and envisaged development plans for the continent. Its principal mandate is to support the implementation of the various continental and global blue-prints on food security and sustainable industrialisation and development.


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