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Closing Sports Season: 40% Of Cameroon’s Sports Federations Trample Event Organization

While preparations have started for the organization of this ceremony, it has been noted that only 31 federations out of 52 have already organized their Cameroon Cup finals.

October 2, 2022, should mark the end of the sports season in Cameroon. To ensure the smooth running of this ceremony, the various stakeholders of the event get set so as to offer a successful show to Cameroonians.
It is for this purpose that the Minister of Sports and Physical Education, Narcisse Mouelle Kombi, brought together all the parties involved in the organization of this ceremony last September 20th. The ceremony this year will experience a theoretical montage of the cultural parade. It will involve 100 choreographer actors and 200 others will be involved in the federation parade.
During the working session, it was noted that out of 52 sports federations, only 31 to date have already organized their Cameroon Cup finals.
And as for the event at the center of the ceremony, that is the final of the Cameroon Football Cup, the two protagonists, Bamboutos FC de Mbouda and Coton Sport de Garoua, were asked to formulate the number of tickets requested by their many supporters.
As for the general coordinator of the Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium, he was instructed to carry out total cleanliness of the enclosure. But also, to ensure the good condition of the playground.

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