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Closure of Botswana copper mine weighs down on mining industry

The closure of Botswana’s oldest copper mine, BCL, last year has pushed the country’s copper production to zero since the last quarter of 2016, Statistics Botswana said on Monday.Data from Statistics Botswana showed that quarter-on-quarter changes in the index of mining production reflect fluctuating mining production series, owing to unstable market environment in the world economy.

It stated that this is also due to the fact that the companies that were dealing with the products are undergoing liquidation, which has resulted in stopping of production at the affected mines.

“The production will remain at zero point until the liquidation process of the company is finalized. Silver and Copper in Concentrates continued to record zero production during the period under review and for the preceding quarter,” reads the release.

This, the agency, is as a result of the provisional liquidation of the concerned company which necessitated halting of production at the respective mines.

Published on 28.04.2020

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