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 Cocoa prices drop below 1000FCFA per kilo

Cocoa farmers dry their beans (c)All rights reserved

According to the Information System of the sector, the price of a kilogram of cocoa currently fluctuates between 950 and 1050 FCFA in Cameroon’s port city of Douala.

The data compiled and published on Monday, March 27, on the website of the Information System of the cocoa and coffee sectors (Sif) shows that a kilogram of cocoa beans is being sold in Douala between 950 and 1050 Francs CFA on the average .

In some areas that are difficult to access at the beginning of the rainy season, especially in the South-West region, it is not uncommon for the same quantity of cocoa to be sold to exporters at 700 FCFA, cocoa dealers say.

Businessmen in the sector are particularly concerned about the downward trend in cocoa prices on the international market. Note that prices of cocoa had risen to 1600FCFA per kilogram but vendors in regions like the South West are currently unable to get half the former pay for a kilogram of cocoa.

During the launching of the cocoa season late last year, the minister delegate in charge of rural development at the agriculture ministry revealed that some 6million Cameroonians depend on cocoa farming for a living.

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