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Commonwealth welcomes Mozambique peace efforts

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The Commonwealth has welcomed efforts by the Mozambican government to restoration of an effective and lasting peace.Speaking after meeting with President Filipe Nyusi in Maputo on Monday, secretary general Patricia Scotland said the fact that the Mozambican leader has been able to speak with opposition leader Afonso Dhlakama to bring peace and tranquillity in the country was “very much in accord with the Commonwealth best practices in terms of peace and good governance”.

“I was able to congratulate the President for the moves he made in relation to peace with the leader of the opposition Renamo party Afonso Dhlakma and it has been something that the international community has very much welcomed,” said Scotland who is on a working visit to Mozambique to strengthen relations between the southern African country and the Commonwealth.

Nyusi and Dhlakama met last week for the first time since 2015, raising hopes of an end to violence following a disputed election three years ago.

The army and Renamo militias have clashed sporadically since the opposition party challenged the results of the 2014 elections.

Scotland said she told Nyusi that “we in the Commonwealth are ready to help in any way we reasonable could and indeed if we could participate and support the peace process that he has bravely embarked on with the leader of the opposition.”

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