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Congo Polls: Ruling PCT seeks majority to avoid ‘constitutional crisis’

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The secretary general of the ruling Congolese Labour Party (PCT), Pierre Ngolo, has called on his compatriots to mobilize and give his political party a majority in the country’s national assembly, stressing that this is the only way to avoid a crisis “that would plunge the country into chaos”.“The current constitution stipulates that the one who holds the national assembly holds the government. If the PCT loses a majority in the national assembly, it loses the government and we are going to be in a situation of crisis because it is not enough to retain the presidency of the republic only,” Pierre Ngolo said on Saturday in Brazzaville, during the meeting to launch the campaign of the ruling majority for the legislative elections.

“A political crisis coupled with the current economic crisis will plunge the Congo into chaos, disaster and it would be all the more difficult for the citizens of the Congo,” Ngolo warned.

The legislative election in Congo is slated for July 16th, and the campaign is under way, with the streets and the country’s main roads pasted with the pictures of candidates in the legislative and local elections.

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