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Consortium announces special “Ghost town days”

(L-R) Barrister Agbor Kongho and Dr. Fontem Neba (c)All rights reserved

Cameroonians in the North West and South West regions are again, obliged to readjust their schedules this week to suit the impulses of leaders of the on-going protests against The Anglophone Problem. Citizens in these Anglophone regions had settled with the fact that their children will stay out of school while they also close their businesses every Monday in observance of ghost towns as prescribed by the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium which is coordinating the protests.

Last week the Consortium issued a communique announcing that Tuesday this week would also be overserved as a Ghost Town day. Monday June 12, according to the Consortium would be observed as Mancho Bibixy Ghost Town while Tuesday June 13 would be Ayah Family Ghost Town in solidarity of the former Supreme Court Judge sent to prison while in active service.

Some businessmen who had been complaining about losses brought about by the weekly ghost towns are complaining that the protest strategy is not good for the economic growth of the North West and South West regions. “We had understood that shutting down our shops was a sacrifice we are making for a cause. But not only has the ghost towns been ongoing for too long, but they are now adding extra days to it”, a businessman told Journal du Cameroun in Bamenda.

Journal du Cameroun also visited the Bamenda Food Market in Nkwen and found out perishables like vegetables are being abandoned to rot. Some of the traders claim they never had such losses before the coming of the ghost towns.

Others however argued that the ghost towns do not affect business. “Everybody here in Bamenda is informed when ghost towns are called. People buy double what they usually buy daily. They stock enough food in their houses and those who have to travel also readjust their schedule. So I do not see any negative impact in my business. The struggle must continue.” Said another trader.

Published on 03.01.2023

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