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Constitutional Council member calls for Biya to stand re-election

Constitutional council members have been fully sworn in

A member of the Constitutional Council Jean Foumane Akame is said to have called for the Head of State Paul Biya to stand re-election for the Presidential election later this year.

Going by a list published by the National Bilingual daily, Cameroon Tibune, Jean Foumane Akame’s name features on a list of “elites” from the South Region who drafted a “motion of support” calling for the Head of State to stand as the candidate of the ruling CPDM at the Presidential election.

Jean Foumane Akame, a native of the South Region of Cameron as is Paul Biya congratulated the Head of State in endorsing the candidacy of elites from the South Region to run for the Senatorial elections which the eventually won as well grabbing key positions at the Senate.

“We solemnly ask the Head of State to run for the 2018 presidential election , for which he is assured of our massive, unanimous and unconditional support,” the motion of support read.

This goes contrary to the the fundamental laws of the Constitutional Council which warrants all its members to be neutral and impartial regardless of the circumstances.

The decision to feature Foumane Akame’s name on the motion of support will certainly not go down well amongst opposition parties ahead of the upcoming Municipal, Legislative and Presidential elections and will certainly put the Constitutional Council in the spotlight for questioning.


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