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Coronavirus: Chinese embassy in Botswana reacts as anger, more cases rise

The Chinese embassy to Botswana was on Sunday forced to react to increasing suspected cases of Coronavirus were reported in Botswana.Scores  of Botswana citizens also took to Social Media to lambast the Botswana  Government for what they perceive to be the government’s failure to ban  travellers from China from entering the country. 

In  a statement, the Chinese embassy stated that “Some Botswana citizens  may be concerned about the safety of traveling to China. Parents of  Botswana students who are studying in China, especially in Wuhan, are  more worried.”

The embassy added that “We fully  understand it and would like to take this opportunity to inform you  responsibly that the Chinese government attaches high importance to the  health and safety of each and every foreigner in China, especially  international students, including the 21 Botswana students in Wuhan.”

After  the outbreak, the embassy explained that Botswana’s Ministry of  Education of China has requested the education management departments of  foreign students in universities in Wuhan and other cities in China to  immediately launch emergency response plans and take effective  prevention measures to ensure the health of foreign students. 

“Please  rest assured that as long as Botswana students in China actively  cooperate with the universities and strictly abide by relevant  regulations, their health will not be a problem,” the embassy said. 

This  far Botswana has since registered five cases of suspected coronavirus.  Botswana has also announced that the visa section at its embassy in  China has been closed. 

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