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Coronavirus: Fear grips Cameroonians as number of confirmed cases rises to 10

People moving in an out of Yaounde Central Hospital where Covid-19 cases are isolated (c) copyright

Cameroonians from the four corners of the country have urged their Government to impose travel restrictions and take drastic measures to limit the spread of Coronavirus in Cameroon as the latter confirms tenth infected case.

Following the confirmation of ten Coronavirus cases in Cameroon this Tuesday by the Minister of Public Health, some Cameroonians disclosed their intention to stay home for some time until they deem necessary to move around.

“This is unbelievable!!! So the number of infected persons has got to ten already, I will definitely limit my outings to the strict minimum until this Coronavirus fever dies down.” A thirty-five year old tailor told journal du Cameroun.

“If this number increases, my little children will stop going to school for some time” She added.

Expressing dissatisfaction with the Government’s inability to close its borders despite calls from Cameroonians ever since the country confirmed its first and second Coronavirus cases, Anais Kenne, student in Yaounde has disclosed she will soon stop going to school if drastic measures are not taken to contain this virus spread.

Contrary to our tailor and student, Kelly Eben, another student at the Advanced School of Mass Communication in Yaounde has decided to walk by her Christian identity and advanced that she fears nothing.

“Ever since the virus erupted people have been panicking, but I have refused to align myself in that lane. HIV/AIDS came though still existing, Ebola came and left, so too this too shall pass.” Kelly said in a convincing way.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Cameroon, the population have amongst other recommendations been urged to constantly wash their hands with clean water and soap, and limit as much as possible body contacts.

Those coming into the country have been urged to confine themselves for fourteen days to make sure they have not been infected.

According to many, these measures are not enough to effectively curb the importation and spread of Coronavirus in Cameroon.




Published on 28.04.2020

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