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Coronavirus: Guinea “will not close border” with Senegal

Guinea’s Health Minister, Colonel Remy Lamah, said on Tuesday that his country will not close its border with neighbouring Senegal after two cases of the coronavirus were confirmed there.By Sadjo Diallo 

“We will not close the border with Senegal. The country is a signatory to the International Health Regulations. It is not because Senegal closed its border during the Ebola epidemic so we will also close ours,” he emphasized while pointing out that measures are being taken to avoid the virus catching up with Guinea.

 “The measures were taken long before the Senegalese case was reported. As soon as the coronavirus was announced in China, all countries, including Guinea, mobilized to take preventive measures to prepare for possible cases. Let us not invent new actions. Actions are already in place in terms of preventive measures. At the airport, a temperature control system has been installed’ he said.

Published on 28.04.2020

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