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Counterfeit Textbooks Discovered on Cameroonian Markets

Counterfeit textbooks

The trade’s national fraud control and enforcement squad department of the Ministry of Trade sealed off the premises of the NMI publishing house which distributed some counterfeit primary school books.

It is apparently a well-thought-out scam. But a detail was omitted as a crime is never perfect. It is all about the production and distribution of some school textbooks which are, ‘Mon cahier de graphisme’ for Sil (Class 1) and ‘Mon Cahier d’écriture’ for CP ( Class 2) were published by Michel Lafon and KN.
The counterfeit is the production and marketing of an almost identical book to the one approved three years ago, by the National council for the approval of textbooks and didactic material. The trickery is first at the level of the absence both on the front page and on the other pages of the logo of one of the publishers of the book that is Kaba Ngondo Edition. This, therefore, implies that there is a possibility that even the content of the book has been changed. Regarding such a violation of the approval issued to the two publishers by the National council for the approval of textbooks and didactic material.
It is on the strength of this that one of the publishers of the book, KN, whose promoter is Ferdinand Nana Payong, called on the Ministry of Commerce after a bailiff’s report “I have the honor to inform your Excellency that the Kaba Ngondo Edition (K.N) founded and directed by yours truly, is a victim of very gross forgery…Given the enormous harm these shameful frauds are causing to my business and the enormous danger to the Cameroonian education system,” the publisher wrote to Minister of Trade, Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana. 
The investigations been carried out, the brigade identified one of the main suppliers of this counterfeit book which is the publishing house holding nearly half of the books on the program in Cameroon, NMI Education. And on September 6, the brigade decided to seal the warehouse where the counterfeit books are stored. For some NMI officials, this is a desire to blemish their image because they say they are not a producer but only distributors of counterfeit books.
The probe on various minds is that of who is behind such an initiative. An effort that saw the printing of 750,000 Sil books and 750,000 CP books. Then they transported them to Cameroon for an investment of nearly one billion CFA francs.
What is all the more curious, as Ferdinand Nana Payong explains, is that the book is almost more authentic than the original and is full of precise details of which only his partner, Michel Lafon, and he hold the information.

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