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Court convicts Sudanese female activist, journalist

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A court in Sudan on Monday convicted a top Sudanese activist and journalist, Amal Habani, who was found guilty and fined 10 million Sudanese pounds, or for four months if she fails to pay the fine.Habani, who is a known women’s rights defender in Sudan, was accused of “harmful publishing.”

Winner of Amnesty International USA’s 2015 Ginetta Sagan Award, Habani was arrested by the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) last year, when covering the trial of five civil society activists in Khartoum.

Habani later claimed she was beaten by the state security officers before they filed a case against her.

Speaking to APA from her jail, she said: “I am not going to pay any fine or bill to get out of the jail, because I have not done anything wrong to be sentenced and fined by the court.”

Last week, the United States government expressed concern over Sudan’s human rights record, including freedom of expression and restriction of the political space.

US had been involved in a five-track engagement with Sudan to lift the 20-year American sanctions on the African country.

In a statement, the US said it remains committed to continue the policy of engagement with the government of Sudan for further protection of human rights in the country.

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