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Court grants South African Airways relief over strikers

The Labour Court in Johannesburg has granted cash-strapped South African Airways (SAA) a temporary injunction ordering striking cabin crew staff to return to work immediately after a day-long strike that left passengers stranded following cancellations of dozens of SAA flightsThe SAA management described the work stoppage as “illegal”.

With 32 flights cancelled as result of the strike, the industrial action completely paralyised Africa’s award-winning airliner, forcing its passengers to seek flights with other airliners.

The striking crew, dancing and singing as they carried placards written, “Give us the money. We love the dollar,” said the SAA has been refusing to increase their meal allowances for seven years now, claiming it had no money due to its own financial problems.

The strikers are demanding a daily international meal allowance of US$170 since they spend most of their working time abroad, one of the protestors told journalists.

While the strikers have not expressed any desire to return to the air on Thursday due to the court order, the matter is expected to return to the Labour Court by 23 June.

Published on 28.04.2020

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