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COVID-19 and W/Africa: 1,839 new cases, 17 new deaths in 24 hours

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has recorded 1,839 new cases and 17 new deaths of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, official figures show on Friday.The new cases were recorded in Benin (53), Burkina Faso (1), Ivory Coast (381), Gambia (2), Ghana (274), Guinea (173), Mali (17), Nigeria (745), Senegal (164), Sierra Leone (26) and Togo (3). The new deaths were registered in Ivory Coast (1), Ghana (4), Mali (1), Nigeria (6), Senegal (3), and Sierra Leone (2).

 Nigeria has the highest number of total cases (18,480), total deaths (475) and total recovered (6,307) in the sub-region. West Africa now has 57,838 total cases, 1,060 total deaths and 26,037 total recovered.

Ghana (13,203 total cases) has 70 total deaths and 4,548 total recovered. Senegal (5,639 total cases) has 79 total deaths and 3,788 total recovered. Ivory Coast and Guinea have recorded 6,444 and 4,841 total cases respectively.

 Ivory Coast has 49 total deaths and 2,863 total recovered while Guinea has 26 total deaths and 3,467 total recovered. Mali (1,923 total cases) has 108 total deaths and 1,217 total recovered.  Guinea-Bissau (1,492 total cases) has 15 total deaths and 153 total recovered.  

Sierra Leone (1,298 total cases) has 53 total deaths and 732 total recovered. Niger (1,020 total cases) has 67 total deaths and 901 total recovered and Burkina Faso (900 total cases) has 53 total deaths and 810 total recovered. Togo (547 total cases) has 13 total deaths and 353 total recovered. 

Cabo Verde (823 total cases) has 7 total deaths and 377 total recovered. Benin (650 total cases) has 11 total deaths and 247 total recovered. Liberia (542 total cases) records 33 total deaths and 250 total recovered. Gambia (36 total cases) has one death and 24 total recovered.  

Africa has registered 281,097 total cases, 7,511 total deaths and 131,067 total recovered while the world has recorded 8,647,266 total cases, 458,053 total deaths and 4,571,782 total recovered.

Published on 28.04.2020

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