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COVID-19 and W/Africa: 209 new cases, 2 new deaths in 24 hours

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has recorded 209 new cases and 2 new deaths of COVID-19 in past 24 hours, official figures show on Tuesday.The new cases were recorded in Burkina Faso (17), Cape Verde (34), Ivory Coast (37), Guinea (18), Liberia (10), Mali (8), Niger (1), Nigeria (72), Senegal (3) Sierra Leone (2) and Togo (7).  The new deaths were recorded in Nigeria (1) and Senegal (1).

Nigeria has the highest number of total cases (63,036), total deaths (1,147) and total recoveries (59,328) in the sub-region. West Africa now has 190,972 total cases, 2,773 total deaths and 179,284 total recoveries.

Ghana (48,200total cases) has 320 total deaths and 47,260 total recoveries. Ivory Coast (20,753 total cases) has 126 total deaths and 20,410 total recoveries. Senegal and Guinea have recorded 15,640 and 12,213 total cases respectively. 

Senegal has 326 total deaths and 15,149 total recoveries while Guinea has 73 total deaths and 10,600 total recoveries. Cabo Verde (8,882 total cases) has 95 total deaths and 8,110 total recoveries. Gambia (3,672 total cases) has 119 total deaths and 3,196 total recoveries.

Mali (3,573 total cases) has 136 total deaths and 2,769 total recoveries.  Guinea-Bissau (2,413 total cases) has 41 total deaths and 1,818 total recoveries.  Benin (2,683 total cases) has 41 total deaths and 2,455 total recoveries. Burkina Faso (2,517 total cases) has 67 total deaths and 2,281 total recoveries. 

Sierra Leone (2,368 total cases) has 73 total deaths and 1,803 total recoveries.  Togo (2,364 total cases) has 57 total deaths and 1,681 total recoveries. Liberia (1,436 total cases) has 82 total deaths and 1,283 total recoveries. Niger (1,222 total cases) has 69 total deaths and 1,141 total recoveries. 

Africa has registered 1,820,223 total cases, 43,562 total deaths and 1,485,189 total recoveries while the world has recorded 47,606,115 total cases, 1,215,485 total deaths and 34,185,087 total recoveries.

Published on 10.02.2021

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