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COVID-19 and W/Africa: 2,210 new cases, 26 new deaths in 24 hours

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has recorded 2,210 new cases and 26 new deaths of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, official figures show on Sunday.The new cases were recorded in Benin (93) Burkina Faso (13), Cape Verde (32), Ivory Coast (391), Ghana (785), Guinea (75), Liberia (12), Mali (7), Nigeria (664), Senegal (121) and Sierra Leone (17).

The new deaths were registered in Benin (3), Ivory Coast (1), Liberia (4), Nigeria (15) and Senegal (3).  

Nigeria has the highest number of total cases (31,987) and total deaths (724) while Ghana has the highest number of total recovered (19,831) in the sub-region. West Africa now has 95,662 total cases, 1,571 total deaths and 57,277 total recovered.

Ghana (24,248 total cases) has 135 total deaths. Senegal (8,135 total cases) has 148 total deaths and 5,446 total recovered. Ivory Coast and Guinea have recorded 12,443 and 6,044 total cases respectively.

Ivory Coast has 82 total deaths and 6,357 total recovered while Guinea has 37 total deaths and 4,802 total recovered. Mali (2,411 total cases) has 121 total deaths and 1,694 total recovered.  Guinea-Bissau (1,842 total cases) has 26 total deaths and 773 total recovered.  

Sierra Leone (1,635 total cases) has 63 total deaths and 1,154 total recovered. Benin (1,378 total cases) has 26 total deaths and 557 total recovered and Cabo Verde (1,623 total cases) has 19 total deaths and 748 total recovered. Niger (1,099otal cases) has 68 total deaths and 992 total recovered.

Burkina Faso (1,033 total cases) has 53 total deaths and 869 total recovered.  Liberia (1,010 total cases) records 51 total deaths and 453 total recovered. Togo (710 total cases) has 15 total deaths and 494 total recovered.  Gambia (64 total cases) has 3 total deaths and 34 total recovered.  

Africa has registered 582,860 total cases, 13,044 total deaths and 288,369 total recovered while the world has recorded 12,935,511 total cases, 569,208 total deaths and 7,535,262 total recovered.

Published on 10.02.2021

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