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COVID-19 and W/Africa: 595 new cases, 1 new death in 24 hours

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has recorded 595 new cases and 1 new deaths of COVID-19 in last 24 hours, official figures show on Sunday.The new cases were recorded in Burkina Faso (19), Cape Verde (45), Ivory Coast (69), Gambia (22), Ghana (127), Guinea (55), Mali (15), Nigeria (189), Senegal (26), Sierra Leone (9) and Togo (19). The new death was registered in Nigeria (1).

Nigeria has the highest number of total cases (57,145) and total deaths (1,095) while Ghana has the highest number of total recoveries (45,081) in the sub-region. West Africa now has 171,285 total cases, 2,561 total deaths and 140,934 total recoveries.

Ghana (46,004 total cases) has 294 total deaths. Ivory Coast (19,269 total cases) has 120 total deaths and 18,392 total recoveries. Senegal and Guinea have recorded 14,714 and 10,286 total cases respectively.  

Senegal has 302 total deaths and 11,260 total recoveries while Guinea has 63 total deaths and 9,681 total recoveries. Cabo Verde (5,186 total cases) has 50 total deaths and 4,581 total recoveries. Gambia (3,526 total cases) has 108 total deaths and 1,992 total recoveries.

Mali (3,006 total cases) has 128 total deaths and 2,349 total recoveries.  Guinea-Bissau (2,303 total cases) has 39 total deaths and 1,127 total recoveries.  Benin (2,280 total cases) has 40 total deaths and 1,950 total recoveries.

Sierra Leone (2,168 total cases) has 72 total deaths and 1,650 total recoveries and Burkina Faso (1,816 total cases) has 56 total deaths and 1,176 total recoveries.  Liberia (1,335 total cases) has 82 total deaths and 1,216 total recoveries. Togo (1,659 total cases) has 41 total deaths and 1,259 total recoveries.  Niger (1,183 total cases) has 69 total deaths and 1,104 total recoveries.  

Africa has registered 1,408,595 total cases, 33,923 total deaths and 1,154,682 total recoveries while the world has recorded 31,110,004 total cases, 963,247 total deaths and 22,705,260 total recoveries.

Published on 28.04.2020

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