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Covid-19: Moroccan firms expected to resume activities next week

Morocco’s Economy and Finance minister, Mohamed Benchaâboun has called on businesses in the kingdom to resume their activities at the end of Ramadan, on May 26.Speaking before the upper house of parliament on Tuesday, the minister explained that this call for the resumption of activity does not concern companies that are subject to administrative measures decided by state authorities.

 During his address, the minister gave an update of the income and expenditure of the Special Fund dedicated to the fight against coronavirus and recalled all the measures taken in favour of companies, employees and broad social groups.


According to the minister, the revenue of the Fund had reached nearly 3 billion euros (DH 32.7 billion) as of 18 May. 

As for expenditure, more than DH 2.2 billion (1 euro = DH 10.7) has been earmarked for the health sector, while DH 11.5 billion has been spent on measures taken by the Economic Intelligence Committee for the benefit of enterprises and employees.

 According to him, 950,000 employees were declared to the National Social Security Fund (CNSS) in April, while in March, the unemployed or partially unemployed thank to the crisis and declared to the CNSS are 701,000 employees. 

In all, financial aid to employees costs the Covid-19 fund DH 2 billion per month.

About 4 million households whose heads work in the informal sector are expected to benefit from the aid provided by the government. 

This aid, when added together, amounts to 4.2 billion dirhams. 

Since May 15, when the operation was launched, one million households have already benefited from it, the minister said.


Published on 28.04.2020

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