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Covid-19: Rwanda awaits vaccine trial data from manufacturers

Rwanda is awaiting data from the critical phase of clinical trials from all Covid-19 vaccine manufacturing companies before deciding on the procurement of the vaccine to cost $15 million, local media reported Monday in Kigali.Dr Tharcisse Mpunga, the  Minister of State in charge of Primary Healthcare at the Ministry of  Health told the  pro-government daily ‘The New Times’ that there are several Covid-19 vaccines that have shown a potential, alhough they are still in trial and not yet approved for use.

“This is a commendable thing  in the fight against Covid-19 that has severely affected everything  globally. It shows that we’re near to getting one,” Dr Mpunga said.

While health experts emphasize that the data was important to ensure that the vaccine is effective and safe for use, Rwanda has joined the Covax framework, a global initiative that aims to speedily and affordably secure doses of the Covid-19 vaccine for member countries, once it has been made available, it said.

“We are therefore mobilizing $15  million that we’ll spend on acquiring doses of the vaccine once it is available,” the senior Rwandan government official said.

The Rwandan authorities say the first beneficiaries of these doses will be high-risk groups such as health workers, old people and those with underlying health conditions.

This first phase will be vaccinating 30 percent of the entire population and as time goes by, vaccinate more and more priority groups such as police officers, students and others, according to him.

Published on 28.04.2020

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