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COVID-19: US support Senegal’s vaccination campaign

Senegal has received support from the United States as part of the vaccination campaign against COVID-19.The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), has granted Senegal an additional funding of about 1.1 billion CFA francs to support its vaccination campaign.


This new grant, as technical assistance, is a continuation of efforts already made and aims at facilitating public access to essential vaccines against the COVID-19 pandemic, the US Embassy said Wednesday in a statement.


Since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic, USAID has provided Senegal with more than 5 billion CFA francs to slow the spread of the virus, strengthen surveillance efforts, improve care for affected people and mitigate the impact of the disease, the statement added.


With more vaccines expected in Senegal in the coming weeks, USAID’s support “will be critical to ensure the safety, organization and effectiveness of vaccinations to reach as many people as possible.”


In addition, the money will be used, among other things, to strengthen communication campaigns on the COVID-19 vaccine, provide targeted training for health professionals, and support systems for coordinating the distribution, monitoring and control of vaccines.


This US assistance shows USAID’s continued commitment to working with Senegal to improve health security across the country. It is part of an overall programme of support from USAID, the largest provider of resources to the health sector in Senegal, with more than US$60 million per year,” the note said.


Since joining the Global COVID-19 Vaccine Access Initiative (Covax) in January 2021, the US government has committed to mobilising US$4 billion to facilitate equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines worldwide. Senegal is one of the beneficiaries of this programme. The vaccination campaign began on 18 February.


Published on 10.02.2021

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