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CRM rejects the decision of Cameroon’s Constitutional Council-Paul Eric Kingue

Paul Eric Kingue

Maurice Kamto’s campaign chief, Paul Eric Kingue, has said the Cameroon Rennaisance Movement, CRM party rejects the constitutional results concerning their post electoral litigations.

Cameroon’s Constitutional Council on Thursday dismissed Maurice Kamto’s petitions, which called for the partial cancellation of election in seven of the ten regions mainly based on irregularities in the minutes of counting to justify its challenge. The eleven judges of this institution unanimously declared this request unfounded.

Maurice Kamto’s team has however said the party and it’s candidate does not intend to stop there. Hear him; “We totally reject the decision that President Clement Atangana and his friends made. Let Cameroonians know that things will start now because we are in a state of law. We will tell you what will happen, we will take time to meet in our headquarters, discuss and schedule something. As far as I am concerned and as far as Maurice Kamto is concerned, we reject all that has just been done and we will reject the results that will emerge from the Constitutional Council”

Paul Eric Kingue, it should be recalled, had advised Maurice Kamto’s loyalist to physically protect their votes two days before poll day. He urged supporters to do everything to ensure that CRM’s victory is not stolen.

This victory was however claimed by Maurice Kamto barely 24 hours after poll day. The news immediately earned him the wrath of members of the government who castigated the Jurist for breaking the law, insisting that only the Constitutional Council has the legal backing to declare the winner of the Presidential election.

At press conferences given almost every other day, Maurice Kamto made headline and made the front page of Cameroonian newspapers. His post electoral litigations has animated almost all debates on the internet, as well as on public gatherings.

During the three day hearings, Maurice Kamto appeared calm as his case was heard by the 11 sages of the Constitutional Council. Kamto and his powerful legal team cried foul over the multiple votes of soldiers deployed in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon, the non-withdrawal by Elecam of Akere Muna’s ballot, another candidate with which he had reached a coalition one day before the election, among others.

Reacting on the councils position to Kamto’s claim, Barrister Emmanuel Simh, Vice President of the Cameroon Rennaisance Movement said, “The question was not whether the arguments of CRM were good or bad. The question was whether the electoral process in Cameroon in 2018 was in line with international standards or domestic laws. We say no and we have been able to provide evidence and our evidence unfortunately reveal that the Cameroonian electoral standard is still far from international standards and even African standards”.

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