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CRTV GM under investigation

Charles Ndongo, General Manager of CRTV is currently being investigated by the Supreme State Audit Office for alleged complicity in the embezzlement of state funds.

The current CRTV GM’s investigation is unrelated to the management of the state corporation. Reports say Charles Ndongo was grilled last week by an ad hoc committee of the Supreme State Audit Office. He is cited alongside a certain Roger Tchoungui among consultants who allegedly received undue payments from SNEC at the time Basil Atangana Kouna, current Minister of Water and Energy Resources was General Manager of the corporation.

Sources say the collaborators of the then SNEC/CAMWATER GM held that the payments made separately to the current CRTV General Manager and other listed consultants were dubious. But Charles Ndongo’s loyalists say he did the job he was hired to do. It is even said that he did not receive full payment for the services rendered.

Minister Basil Atangana Kouna is still under investigation. It should be recalled that he was summoned by the Special Criminal Court last year, and was grilled at the Ministry of Justice.

Published on 10.02.2021

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